Clamp Meters FAQ

2016-03-17 09:57:11 2
MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer
1.The pointer does not deflect.(=Unable to measure.)Check the continuity of test leads.If there is a break, replace the faulty test lead.How to check: Set to the resistance range and short the test leads.
2.Unable to measure the resistance.Check the battery voltage. If the voltage is low, replace the batteries.Change it to a new battery.
3.The readings fluctuate when measuring current.Check if the jaws are closed properly. If no, close the jaws properly.Check if an object stick to the jaw tips.If yes, remove the oject from the jaw tips.
4.The transformer jaws beat when measuring large current.This is normal condition.
5.The pointer moves abnormally. (For Analog Only)The cover over the pointer may be electrized. Wipe the cover with the cloth or coat the cover with an anti-electrostatic agent or the detergent diluted with water.
6.The pointer does not move to zero even by the zero ohm adjustment knob. (For Analog Only)Check the battery voltage. If the voltage is low, change it to a new battery.The cover over the pointer may be electrized. Wipe the cover with the cloth or apply the antistatic additives or the detergent diluted with water.
7.When the power is turned on, nothing is displayed in the LCD. (For Digital Only)Check if the batteries are set appropriately.Set the batteries propoerly.Check if the battery is exhausted. If yes, replace with new batteries.
8.When the range is set to DC voltage, the readings vary although measuring nothing. (For Digital Only)This is normal condition.DC value varies by the influence of noise.
9.The readings remain displayed in the LCD. (For Digital Only)Check if the data hold switch remains on. Turn off the data hold switch. Check if the peak hold switch remains on.Turn off the peak hold switch.
If your tester still has a problem even after checking these points, please email us your detailed problems,Our engineering team will help you.
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