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MEWOI-LX3310S AC/DC 10A Transformer DC Resistance Tester,DC miliohmimeter

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The DC resistance of transformer is a necessary test item for the factory test, installation, overhaul, change of tap changer, handover test and preventive test of power department in the manufacture of semi-finished products and finished products of transformer. It can check the welding quality of the winding joint and whether the winding has inter turn short circuit. It can detect whether the contact at each position of the voltage tap changer is good, whether the actual position of the tap changer is consistent with the indicated position, whether the outgoing line is broken, and whether there are broken strands of multi strand conductors.

MEWO-LX3110S Transformer DC Resistance Tester adopts new power supply technology and has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability and perfect protection function. The whole machine is controlled by high-speed single chip microcomputer with high degree of automation, and has the functions of automatic discharge and discharge alarm. The instrument has high test precision and simple operation, and can realize the rapid measurement of transformer direct resistance.


1.Adaptive lithium batteries or 220 v ac supply. After a single charge, the dc resistance of hundreds of transformers can be tested continuously. The test process is simple and convenient

2. The output current is six grades, the maximum output current is 10A, the maximum output voltage is 25V, and the current can be automatically selected, which is convenient and fast.

3. Wide range and high accuracy,500uΩ~50KΩ.

4.  It has the function of resistance temperature conversion, and can be equipped with wireless temperature measurement module, which can measure the field test temperature in real time to ensure the accuracy of resistance commutation value.

5. It has many kinds of protection functions, such as back EMF protection, broken line protection, power-off protection and over heating alarm.

6. 5.6-inch super industrial high-brightness color LCD screen, still visible under strong sunlight.

7. equipped with external printer, facilitate data printing

8.It can be stored locally and on USB memory.


DC  resistance test

Current  gear

Measuring  range

Current  gear

Measuring  range


500µΩ 200mΩ


10Ω 200Ω




50Ω 2kΩ


100mΩ 20Ω


500Ω 50kΩ

Technical  index


(Reading X 0.2%+2 words)

Maximum  resolution


Conditions  of use and appearance

Working  power supply

Built in  lithium battery or external charger, charger input 100   240VAC, 50HZ/60HZ

Charging  voltage


Charging  current


Charging  time

About 4 hr

Use time

More than  8 hr

Host  weight

1.6 kg  (Test line is not included)


246mm(L)X  156mm(W) X 62mm(H)

Use of  temperature


relative  humidity

≤90%No dew

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