MEWOI-JY1000 Handheld laser dust meter, dust concentration tester, aerosol monitor,Smoke dust tester(TSP)

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  • Model No.:: MEWOI-JY1000
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MEWOI-JY1000 Handheld Laser dust meter, dust concentration tester, aerosol monitor,Smoke dust tester(TSP,total suspended particulate)

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


MEWOI-JY1000 portable explosion-proof   intelligent dust detector uses the transmission principle to test the dust   concentration. By testing the attenuation curve of dust to light, the   measured dust concentration can be visually displayed through the control   program processing. The dust detector is calibrated by the scattering   principle, including the "automatic calibration module of pulverized   coal", which is specially developed for the determination of pulverized   coal concentration, It conforms to the industry standard WS/T206-2001 light   scattering method for determination of PM10 in the air of public places; It   conforms to the industrial standard LD98-1996 "light scattering method   for determination of dust concentration in the air" of the Ministry of   labor; It conforms to the industry standard TB/T2323-92 "relative mass   concentration and mass concentration conversion method of dust determination   in railway operation site".

MEWOI-JY1000 Handheld Intelligent Dust Detector 0.1-1000mg/m3 Application Site And Environment:

1,It is suitable for health quarantine inspection, coal bunker,   granary, cement plant and other industrial places with large dust quality   coefficient, coal powder production workshop inspection and flour workshop   environment inspection;

2,Industrial and mining enterprises labor department dust   monitoring, workshop, glass fiber, filter dust, bag dust, electrostatic dust;

3,Environmental detection and pollution source investigation are   suitable for department detection, enterprise dust removal, cement and other   environmental acceptance monitoring, and municipal smoke monitoring;   Research, filter material performance test and other aspects of rapid   testing;

4,Field dust concentration measurement, exhaust dust concentration   monitoring;

5,Occupational health and testing factory need clean air,   instruments, testing instruments, electronic components, food, medicine and   other manufacturing process management, various research institutions,   meteorology, public health, industrial labor health engineering, air pollution   research, etc.


1,Turn on the power switch of the instrument, and the real-time data   will be displayed on the LCD;

2,The instantaneous value can be locked and displayed with the key;

3,The instrument has backlight, which can be turned on in dark   environment.


(1)Detection time:

1 second

(2) Detection sensitivity:

0.1mg/   m3;

(3) Calibration module:

pulverized coal automatic calibration   module

(4) Determination range:

0.1-1000mg/   m3 (30g/m3 can be customized);

( 5) Accuracy:

± 5%;

(6) Communication interface:

RS232 / 485

(7) Ambient temperature:

- 10-120 ℃;

(8) Power supply :

Rechargeable battery can be used   continuously for 3-4 hours, 220-12v charger

(9) Size/Weight:


(10) Weight


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