MEWOI-RG600 Nuclear Radiometer,Nuclear Radiation Detector,personal dosemeter,Geiger Counter,Gamma(γ), and X-radiation,Personal dose alarm

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MEWOI-RG600 Nuclear Radiometer,Nuclear Radiation Detector,personal dosemeter,Geiger Counter,Gamma(γ), and X-radiation


MEWOI-RG600 is a small and high sensitive radiation dose alarm instrument, which is mainly used to monitor X-ray and radiation dose γ Ray and hard β Rays. The instrument uses energy compensation GM counter as detector, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity and accurate measurement; The microprocessor with powerful function and dot matrix LCD display make the operation simple and human, and have strong anti-interference ability. The sound and flash alarm modes can be combined at will, and the alarm threshold can be set at will. When the alarm threshold is reached, the alarm will be sent out to remind the staff to pay attention to safety in time. The main technical specifications of the instrument are in line with the national and international standards. It is a kind of portable instrument with strong function, small volume and low power consumption.

Main Applications

It is widely used in home decoration radiation, radiation processing enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, radiation therapy, nuclear laboratory, nuclear power station, import and export commodity inspection, building materials, petrochemical industry, geological survey, scrap steel, industrial nondestructive testing and other occasions where there is ionizing radiation environment and personal radiation dose supervision and protection.

Main Functions

1. Measure the dose rate in real time and record the cumulative dose at the same time;
2. The dose rate alarm threshold and dose alarm threshold can be set arbitrarily (continuously adjustable);
3. The starting time of current dose accumulation can be viewed;
4. With statistical measurement function, the statistical time can be set between 00-99 hours;
5. It has double alarm function of dose rate and dose;
6. Any combination of sound and flash alarm modes can meet various alarm requirements;(MEWOI-RG1000 Only,MEWOI-RG600 support sound and flash alarm fixed)
7. It has the function of sensor fault prompt (display screen shows "/ / gmbad");
8. When the radiation dose rate exceeds 10 mSv / h, it has the function of blocking alarm (999sv / h on the display screen);
9. Built in memory, the data of cumulative dose value, dose rate alarm threshold and dose alarm threshold will not be lost after power failure;
10. It has the function of calendar clock, which can ensure the normal operation of the clock after shutdown;
11. It has data export function and USB interface, which is convenient to connect with computer. It can read, analyze and manage dose data with personal dose management system software;(MEWOI-RG1000 Only, MEWOI-RG600 Not support)
12. Continuous monitoring of battery power with low power status prompt;
13. Chinese and English menus can be switched freely;
14. Humanized design and easy operation;
15. LCD backlight can be switched;(For MEWOI-RG1000,MEWOIRG600 not Support)

Technical Specification

1. Detector:

Energy compensation GM counter;
2. Measurement range: dose rate:0.00 μ Sv/h ~ 10mSv/h;Dose: 0.00 μ Sv ~ 10Sv;
3. Sensitivity: > 0.25cps/ μ SV / h (relative to 137Cs);
4. Energy response: 48kev ~ 1.5mev;
5. Relative error: < 10% (at1msv / h);
6. Power supply: 2*AAA batteries;
7. Power consumption:< 15mw;
8. Temperature characteristics: - 10 ℃~ + 50 ℃≤ ± 10%;
9. Overall dimension: 100 * 60 * 26 (mm);
10. Weight: 108G (including 2 AAA batteries);

Selection Guide

Model No.Dose RangeDose RateSensitivity
Relative ErrorPower ConsumptionBattery

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0.00 μ Sv ~ 10Sv0.00 μ Sv/h ~ 10mSv/h> 1.5cps/ μ SV / h (relative to 137Cs);< 10% (at1msv / h);< 15mw;2*AAA-

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


0.00 μ Sv ~ 10Sv0.00 μ Sv/h ~ 10mSv/h> 0.25cps/ μ SV / h (relative to 137Cs);< 5% (at1msv / h);< 24mw;2*AAA

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