MEWOI-PV6591,PV6592,PV6592A PV industry-Portable Solar Cell Tester

Portable Solar Cell Tester 1000V/12A

  • Model No.:: MEWOI-PV6591
  • Name:: Portable Solar Cell Tester
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Multimeters in the PV industry-Portable Solar Cell Tester

MEWOI-PV6591/PV6592/PV6592A Portable Solar Cell Testers are used mostly for testing I-V characteristic of outdoor solar arrays/modules/cells. As test tools, necessary for power station building enterprises, quality inspection activities, manufacturers as well as science research institutions, they can conveniently and quickly test these arrays/modules/cells for their operating properties in the sunlight, and also can provide test services for design, acceptance and maintenance of solar power stations. These products, attached with probes for detecting ambient temperature, solar panel temperature, solar irradiance and etc., can fully record testing environment status. With portable design applied for their host, the testers are dust-proof, and splattering water resistant, and provide color LED display, visible in highly illumination or sunlight, which is suitable for demands for field work. The results are directly visual due to the built-in Windows interface, familiar to users, which provide users an excellent experience with operation


1,Wireless connection between the host and solar irradiance meter, provides wireless communication to maximum 100 m, enabling tests more conveniently and quickly.
2,Offering patented solar irradiance meter and temperature probe fixtures for ease of mounting these probes on the solar panels.
3,The unique bar-code scanning functions for smart identification of the PV modules.
4,Color LED display, visible in highly illumination or sunlight, and touch screen plus keyboard operation with various peripheral interfaces,provide an uncommon experience with operations. The internal memory of the tester can save above 2000 test waveforms and support expansion for memory volume due to built-in SD card socket.
5,WINCE graphics system with multi-lingual options and friendly designed menu,allowing you to learn various functions on                the tester rapidly.
6,Offer users with analysis software that permits you to copy data saved on the tester to the PC for analysis and print-out through the user terminal software via an USB data cable.
7,I-V characteristic testing for outdoor low irradiance, provides corrections for standard test conditions(STC)。We can provide  metering  services and  metering  certificate,  if users need.
8,Built-in abundant database of correction models for PV modules, covering products of mostly solar module manufacturers. Additionally, for conversions and comparisons among results for reference, comprehensive parameter setting functions are offered for users, thus, it is easy for them to add test correction models by hand.
9,High voltage isolated source supply designed internally, ensuring reliable security for users. Wider voltage testing range allow testing for maximum open circuit voltage to 1000 V, and also the testers have functions for PV array testing up to 10kW 。
10,Function for automatic switching measurement range, with protection from overvoltage, and automatic continuous testing functions that can be set.
11,Built-in large volume replaceable lithium-ion battery, for sufficient power for test.
12,Combinations with environmental monitoring functions, such as tests for ambient temperature, solar panel temperature, solar irradiance and etc. We can provide solar irradiance metering certificate, optional for users.
13,Measurable parameters: I-V curves, P-V curves, short circuit current,open circuit voltage, peak power, voltage and current at peak power point, current at designated voltage point, fill factor, conversion efficiency, series resistance , parallel resistance , solar cell temperature, ambient temperature, and solar irradiance.
14,MEWOI-PV6592 tester has unique function for measuring power by the modules and can be compatible with the solar module qualification test, specified in IEC 61853, currently selected in EU, or can be used for local sunlight resources surveillance. Also, they provide high resolution testing mode up to 400 points, and Modbus/tcp-compliant Ethernet surveillance function for needs for science research.
15,With distinct compensation design, 6592A tester can really support outdoor verification of solar cells, and is appropriate for outdoor performance testing at experimental stage before engineered applications.
16,6 patents of invention and 10 patents of utility model awarded, including test circuits, software algorithm, structure technology, metering methods and etc. Related Intellectual Property Protection is applied fully.


1,IEC61215-2005 Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules – Design qualification and type approval
2,IEC 61646-2008 design and appraisal standard of hull cell with ground use
3,CGC/GF003.1:2009 Technical regulation of project-inspection in parallel in photovoltaic power generation system, part one: electronic equipment
4,GB4793.1-2007 safety requirements of testing, controlling and electronic equipment in lab
5,IEC 60904-2 2007 standard solar cell requirements
6,The IEC 60891-2009 photovoltaic devices temperature and irradiance corrections to measured IV characteristics
7,The IEC 61853-2011 photovoltaic device performance testing and energy rating
8,Through authoritative validation by the China Institute of Metrology, voltage, current and power test accuracy better than 0.5% to reach or exceed product index requirements

Basic Paramters(With PV87110A Solar Irradiance Meter)

Probe  box unit

Ambient Test  Temperature Range


Cell Test  Temperature Range


Temperature  Test Accuracy


Irradiance Test  Range


Irradiance Test Accuracy *

Better than  ±3%rdg

Communication  Interfaces With The Host

RS232 series interface、Bluetooth

Length × Width × Height

166×83×33 mm


450  g

Power  Supply

4  pieces of AAA battery


Powering Mode

build-in lithium battery/power adapter

Battery Type


Power-On Time

10 h(replaceable  reserve battery,for

longer  stand-by time)

Length × Width  × Height




Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




*Note: The irradiance test accuracy will be varied due to different atmospheric conditions and surrounding environment. The accuracy parameter is measured by an AAA grade solar simulator with AM1.5 spectral distribution and irradiance not less than 700W/m2.





Voltage Test  Range


(>15V  at open circuit)



(>5V at open  circuit,required for 6592,but except for


Voltage Test Precision



Voltage Test Accuracy **



Current Test  Range




Current Test Precision



Current Test Accuracy **



Max Power Test Repeatability



Max Power Test  Range



Max  Power Test Accuracy After During Transition To STC ***

better than


better  than ±3%±1W

**Note:measured at 25℃ STC(standard test conditions).

***Note:measured at AM1.5 spectral distribution and irradiance not less than 700W/m2.At lab, the value is generally within 2%。Please perform the field measurements in stabilized sunlight conditions,and ensure that irradiance probe and temperature probe are mounted firmly, otherwise, higher conversion error will be caused due to irradiance and temperature measurement deviations.

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