MEWOI4300D-Dual Clamps Multi-functional Earth Resistance/Soil resistivity Tester

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  • Main Features:: Grounding resistance test Grounding voltage test Soil resistivity test Current, leakage current test
  • Model No.:: MEWOI4300D
  • Name:: MEWOI4300D-Dual Clamps Multi-functional Earth Resistance/Soil resistivity Tester
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MEWOI4300D Dual clamps Earth resistance tester is specially designed and manufactured for on-site measurement of grounding resistance, soil resistivity, grounding voltage, grounding line leakage current, AC current and DC resistance. Apply digital processing technology, precision 4-wire method, 3-wire method and simple 2-wire method, selection method, double-clamp method to measure grounding resistance, Large caliber current clamp design, can measure the grounding system which using large grounding down lead.It can flexibly and accurately measure arbitrary grounding resistance values of single point and mesh grounding and other complex grounding conditions. When measuring parallel grounding, it is unnecessary to disconnect any parallel grounding electrode to maximize the convenience of measurement. Import FFT (fast Fourier transform) technology, AFC (automatic frequency control) technology, with unique anti-interference ability and environment adaptability, to ensure that long time measurement of high precision, high stability and reliability, The tester case is made of waterproof protection box, anti-collision, anti-drop, waterproof (protection grade IP65), strong and durable, and also equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack, especially suitable for outdoor construction, which widely used in grounding resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC current and leakage current measurement of electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction, lightning protection and industrial electrical equipment etc.

Reference Conditions And Working Conditions

 Influence Constant

 Base Condition

Working Conditions


 Ambient Temp




 Ambient Humidity




 Working Voltage




 Auxiliary Earth Resistance Value





 Should Avoid




 Should Avoid



 Electrode Distance of measuring R 




 Electrode Distance of  measuring ρ 




Technical Specifications


 Measurement of   earth resistance, soil resistivity; DC resistance, earth voltage,AC current, leakage current

 Power Supply

 DC 8.4V (rechargeable battery, continues standby 300 hours)


 Controllablescreen backlight, suitable for dim places

 Measuring Mode

 Precise 4-wire measurement, 3-wire measurement, simple 2-wire measurement, selection method, double clamp method to measure grounding resistance

 Measuring Method

 2/3/4 pole measurement method: Change-pole method, measurement current 20mA Max

 Selection measurement method: Change-pole method, measurement  current 20mA Max

 Double clamp measurement method: Non-connect mutual inductance method, measurement current 1mA Max

Soil Resistivity: 4-pole measurement (Wenner method)

 DC resistance: Change-pole method

 AC current: Mutual inductance method(clamp)

 Earth Voltage: Average rectification(betweenP(S)-ES)

 Test Voltage Wave

 Sine wave

 Test Frequency


 Short-circuit Test Current

 AC 20mA max

 Open-circuit Test Current

 AC 40V max

 Electrode DistanceRange


 Display Mode

 4-digital large LCD display, with screen backlight

 Measuring Indication

 During measurement, LED flash indication, LCD count down display

 LCD Frame Dimension


 LCD Display Area


 Tester Dimension


 CT Size


 Test Wire

 4PCS: red 20m, black 20m, yellow 10m, and green 10m

 Simple Test Wire

2PCS: red 1.6m and black 1.6m

 Auxiliary Grounding Rod


 Current Clamp

2PCS :1 blue-black plug and 1 red-blackplug

 Clamp Caliber


 Clamp Turn Ratio


 Current Clamp Lead Wire


 Measurement Time

 AC current: about 2 times/second

 Voltage to earth: about 2 times/second

 Earth resistance: about 7 seconds/time

 Measurement Times

 Over 5000 times (Short-circuit test, interval time should be at least 30seconds)

 Line Voltage

 Below AC 600V measure

 Communication Interface

 RS232 interface, storage data can be uploaded to computer, saved or printed.

 Communication Cable

 RS232 communication cable 1pcs, length 1.5m

 Data Hold

 Data hold function: “HOLD” symbol display

 Data Storage

 2000 sets, “MEM” storage indication, “FULL” symbol flash display indicate that storage full

 Data Access

 Data access function: “READ” symbol display

 Overflow Display

 Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL” symbol display

 Current Clamp Low Current Indication

 Measurement with selection method or double clamp method, the current signal received by CT2 is lower than 0.5mA,will display““, and should check the clamping direction of the CT2 current clamp

 Interference Test

 Automatic identification of interference signals,“NOISE”symbol indication when the interference voltage is higher than 5V

 Auxiliary Grounding Test

 With auxiliary grounding resistance test function, 0.00KΩ-30kΩ(100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)

 Alarm Function

 Measurement value exceeds alarm setting value, will "Toot-toot-toot" alarm hint

 Battery Voltage

 While battery voltage decreases to around 7.2V, will display low battery voltage symbol, and reminding to replace the battery

 Auto-shut off

 Automatically shut down after 15 minutes of booting up without any operation

 Working Current

 Backlight: 25mA Max(only backlight power consumption)

 Standby:25mA Max(Backlight close after power on)

 Measurement:150mA Max(Backlight close)



 Tester package: 915g

 Current Clamp: 1050g(2pcs)

 Test wires: 1560kg(include the simple test wires)

 Auxiliary grounding rods: 935kg(4pcs)

 Working Temperature & Humidity

 -10℃-40℃, below 80%rh

 Storage temperature & humidity

 -20℃-60℃, below 70%rh

 Protection Level

 IP65(close the case)

 Overload Protection

 Measure earth resistance: between each interfaces ofC(H)-E、P(S)-ES,AC 280V/3 seconds

 Insulation Resistance

 Over 20MΩ(betweencircuit and shell 500V)

 Withstanding Voltage

 AC 3700V/rms. (Between circuit and shell)

 Electromagnetic Features


 Protection Type

 IEC61010-1(CATⅢ300V、CAT IV 150V、Pollution 2);


 IEC61557-1(Earth resistance);

 IEC61557-5(Soil resistivity);

 JJG 366-2004(Grounding resistance meter)

 JJG 1054-2009(Clamp grounding resistance meter)

Intrinsic error and performance indicators under base conditions

 Measurement Function

 Measurement Range

Intrinsic Error


 2/3/4 pole method measure earth resistance(Re)    DC resistance(R--)












 Selection method measure grounding resistance(Re)









 Double clamp method measure grounding resistance(Re)







 Soil Resistivity



Accuracy:According to the precision ofR

(ρ=2πaR, a:1 m-100m,π=3.14)












 Earth Voltage(50Hz/60Hz)

 AC 0.0-100V








USB Cable1
Power Adapter1
Grounding Rod2
Simple Line2
Current Clamp2
20M Test Wire2
10M Test Wire2

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