MEWOI3000B+-0.01-200Ω Clamp Earth Resistance Tester/Meter,earth ground tester,GEO Tester

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    MEWOI3000B+-0.01-200Ω Clamp Earth Resistance Tester/Meter,earth ground tester,GEO Tester
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    1,Measuring Range:0.01-200Ω,2,Stored Data:99 sets,3,Clamp Size:65mm×32mm,4,Power Consumption:Maximum 50mA, Longer battery life
MEWOI,Clamp meter,Earth resistance tester,OEM Manufacturer on sale

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments ManufacturerMEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments ManufacturerMEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments ManufacturerMEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments ManufacturerData hold.gif


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MEWOI3000B+ Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is widely applied in ground resistance measurement, loop resistance measurement in fields such as electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, architecture and industrial electrical equipment, etc. When measuring ground system with loop, there is no need to disconnect the ground wire without auxiliary electrode, which means safer and faster. MEWOI3000B+  Clamp Earth Resistance Tester can measure the ground fault which can not be measured by traditional method, can apply in the occasion where traditional methods are unworkable; MEWOI3000B+  Clamp Earth Resistance Tester measures the integrated value of ground resistance and resistance lead.



Why earth resistance can be found by only clamping it?

Rx, is defined as earth resistance under test, and R1, R2...Rn are defined as earth resistance of other measuring objects.

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

These earth resistances, R1, R2, Rn can be considered that they are connected in parallel.
And they can be regarded as a combined resistance Rs. The Rs can be regarded small enough against Rx since a combined resistance consists of several resistances. Following is an equivalent circuit diagram of this circuit.

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

Voltage V is applied to the object (Resistance Rx) measured from the voltage injection transformer CT1, and the current I corresponding to the earth resistance is flowed.
The current I is detected with detection transformer CT2, and object (Resistance Rx) measured can be put out by the calculation. (refer to the right diagram)

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

Click "blue"marked model No. for detailed Specificaiton

clamp sizeRS232Data StorgeAudible and visible alarm Other
0.01Ω-200Ω    0.01Ω65mm×32mmoptional 
MEWOI3000+MEWOI3000B+_副本.jpg0.01Ω-1200Ω   0.01Ω65mm×32mmoptional 99sets



0.01Ω,0.05mA  65mm×32mmoptional 99sets
MEWOI3200MEWOI-clamp meter|earth ground resistance tester|pinza|接地电阻|curent sensor probe|电流传感器



0.01Ω,0.05mA  65mm×32mm99setsRechargable Batteries
MEWOI3800CMEWOI3800C_副本80.jpg0.01Ω-200Ω    0.01Ω60mm*30mmAppoint with RS485 communication interface, provide standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol×

MEWOI3800DMEWOI3800D_副本80.jpg0.01Ω-200Ω  0.01Ω60mm*30mm×
LCD display,warning function.
MEWOI3800LCMEWOI3800LC.80.jpg0.01Ω-200Ω    0.01Ω

Split  Type


Wired network: RS232,RS485 standard communication protocol

Wireless network: RS232、RS485、GSM communication protocol


MEWOI3800LDMEWOI3800LD.80.jpg0.01Ω-200Ω  0.01Ω

Split Type


LCD display,warning function.



2/3-wires measurement of earth resistance/voltage

earth resistance:0.01Ω~30.00KΩ;

soil resistivity:0.01Ωm~9000KΩm;


2/3/4-wires measurement of earth resistance,soil resistivity,and earth voltage

earth resistance:0.01Ω~30.00KΩ;AC Leakage current: 0.00mA~600A; 

soil resistivity:0.01Ωm~9000KΩm;Earth Voltage:0.0~100.0V,dual clamp: 0.01Ω-100Ω

2/3/4-wires,selection & dual clamp method to measure the earth resistance,soil resistivity,earth voltage,AC voltage,AC leakage current,warning function.

label:   Original NEW ON SALE

Technical Specification

FunctionGround resistance test, Loop resistance test
Power Supply6VDC 4 PCS of LR6 lkaline batteries
Resistance Range0.01-200Ω
Resistance Resolution0.001Ω
Highest Resistance Accuracy±1%±0.01Ω
Data memory99 Sets
Alarm Threshold Setting RangeResistance: 1-199Ω
Alarm Sound and Light“Beep-beep-beep” alarm tone, Alarm Symbol Flashing, Press AL key to turn on, turn off Alarm or set Alarm Threshold.
Interference Signal Recognition“Beep-beep-beep” tone, NOISE symbol blinking
Working Temperature and Humidity-20℃-55℃;20%RH-90%RH(Please storge and Operate the instrument at its ranges)
LCD Screen4 Digits LCD display, Screen L×W: 47mm×28.5mm
Clamp Size65mm×32mm
Clamp Opening Extent32mm
Tester Weight1160g (With batteries)
Clamp DimensionL×W×T: 285mm×85mm×56mm
Protection LevelDual Insulation
Structural FeatureClamp CT
ShiftingAutomatic shifting
External magnetic field<40A/m
External electrical field<1V/m
Single measurement time0.5 second
Resistance measurement frequency>1KHz
Measured current frequency50/60Hz Automatic measurement
Low Battery IndicationLow battery symbol displays when battery is lower then 5.3V
Memory Full IndicationMEM symbol blinks when all 99 sets memory is full
Over Range IndicationOut of range indication “OLΩ”, “L0.01” or “OL A”
Auto Power-off5 minutes after Boot up
Power ConsumptionMax 50mA either in booting up or normally working, Continuously working for 30 hours
RS232 Interface (Optional)The data stored in the meter are uploaded to the computer through RS232 interface and data wire, Then generate report files
AccessoriesMeter: 1 piece, Test Ring: 1 Piece, Meter Suitcase: 1 Piece , batteries: 4 PCS ( LR6)

label:   Original NEW ON SALE

Meter: 1 piece, Test Ring: 1 Piece, Meter Suitcase: 1 Piece , batteries: 4 PCS ( LR6)

label:   Original NEW ON SALE

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