MEWOI2500B Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector

Wireless high voltage phase detector original factory

  • Main Features:: 1.Model No.: MEWOI2500B,2.Phase Detection Mode: Contact & Non-contact Mode3.Phase Detection Voltage: AC 10V~50OkV,4.Satellite Phase Detecting Distance: 5000m5.Normal Phase Detecting Distance: 260m,6.Power Supply: Host:3.7V,2600mAh Rechargeable lithium battery;Detector: 3.7V,600mAh Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Model No.:: MEWOI2500B
  • Name:: MEWOI2500B Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector
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MEWOI2500B Wireles Hign Voltage Phose Detectr is specally desgned and manufactred for high voltase ine and igh olage switchcear (midle cabinet ,ing network cabinet,etc)nuclear phase,the instument breas through th tradtional uclea phasedeice volage grade linit problem, can be n thevery low voltage ine uclea hss, completelyrealite fom10 to 50Nkl voliage autonatc uclear phase T7he phase deect uses satelite tining tchnolgy to realte lon -range phasedetect basement phase detect and mnine undergroundphasedetect.The timing acurac isles than 20ns.t an reciv the gns sgral of sx s tel t timing systems at the same time.Nomal Phae Detecig Ditance : 250om ,SatelitPhase Delectirg Distance .30m.T7he phae detector can be used fo remote phase detect odinay phase detect, and also has functons such as teting phase requency, phsssequence,ransformer group judigment as ell as power inspecion and line volage dispay unctions.Wfmen theline volage exceeds .5ikyt mut adopt non-cotact mode to testing, theprobe gradually approach the conductor to phase detecting.

MEWOI2500B Wirelss High Voltage Phase Detector is composed of host,detector, telescopic insulating rod, monitoring software, USB communication line and so on. The host adopts 3.5-inch LCD color sceen, which can disalay phse,frequency, phase sequence and nucear phase resut on the same sceen.With Voice prompt ?i sgadl i normal Y sig al is norma.same phase, ou phse Montoring softwarehas the functions of oninereal-time morniorng historcal data query vectof graph indicaion and phaseinicato iths unctons such ahistorical data reading, viewing, saving, and printing.


Power Supply
Host:3.7V 2600mAh,rechargeable lithium battery;Detector: 3.7V 600mAh , rechargeable  lithium battery

Phase Detection Method
1. Contact mode phase detecting: circuit line below 35kV
2. Non-Contact mode phase detecting: when the line voltage exceeds 35kV, must adopt non-contact mode to testing, the probe gradually approach the conductor to phase detecting
Phase Detection Voltage
10V ~ 500kV
Satellite Phase Detecting
Normal Phase Detecting Distance
Voice Prompt
“X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, same phase, out phase”
Phase Qualitative
Same phase: - 20°~ 20°;Out of phase: 100°~140° and 220°~ 260°
Phase Range
0°~ 360°; Accuracy:≤±10°; Resolution : 1°
Frequency Range
45.0Hz ~ 65.0Hz;Accuracy:≤±2Hz;Resolution :0.1Hz
Electricity Test Indication
“du--du--du” buzzing sound
Voltage Display
Display voltage class
Transmitting Frequency
Phase Indication
Vector diagram and digital display at the same time
Satellite Timing Service
Search Satellite Indication
When searching satellite, dynamic display“----” symbol
Data Storage
200 groups(Power down or replace the battery will not lose data)
Automatic Shutdown
15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
Rated Current
Detector:30mA max;Host:150mA max
LCD Size
3.5 inch color screen;Display area:71mm×53mm
Instrument Weight
Host:1367g(include battery);package and insulation total weight : about 7.79kg
Instrument Dimension
Host :195mm×100mm×45mm;Detector;130mm×65mm×45mm
Insulation Rod Length
Max Diameter:Φ45mm;Length:Contraction state1000mm;Stretched state ; 4500mm

Product Function
Applied to electric power lines below 500KV, high voltage switchgear (metalclad withdraw switchgear, ring main unit, etc.) or substation remote phase  detecting, phase test, phase sequence judgment and electricity inspection, etc.

Host :2PCS, Detector: 2 PCS, Probe: 2PCS, Probe Hook: 2PCS, Insulation Rod: 2PCS, USB Data Cable:3PCS, Charger:3 PCS, Inspection Cable:1PCS, Ring main unit test line 2PCS, Cloth Bag: 1PCS

Product Feature

1.Adopt satellite timing service wireless transmission technology, phase detecting distance 5000M, High accuracy of timing service, phase detecting accurately, operation convenient.
2.Voice prompt: "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, same phase, out phase"
3.Adopt 3.5inch LCD color screen can display the phase, frequency, phase sequence, and phase detecting results on the same screen.The dynamic vector diagram indication, clear and obvious.
4.The meter also has electricity inspection function, can display the voltage class.
5.  Data storage function, can store 200 groups of data.
Selection Guide
Product NamePhase detection voltage
Phase detection distanceSatellite Phase Detection Distance


Wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m/
MEWOI2500BRemote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m5000m
MEWOI2500CSatellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m50KM
MEWOI2520Ring Main Unit Wireless Phase detectorAC 1V-600KV30m/
MEWOI2540Metalclad withdraw switchgear wireless phase detectorAC 10KV-35KV20m
MEWOI2560BMultifunctional satellite remote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m5000m
MEWOI2600Wireless high voltage  phase detectorAC 200V-2200KV60m

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