MEWOI4800A Intelligent Lightning Protection Component Tester

Initial action voltage test, range: 50 ~ 3000V Leakage current test, range: 0~1000μA Discharge tube ( GDT ) test: DC breakdown voltage test, range: 50~3000V Boost speed setting: There are 5 boost levels Data storage: 1000 groups Touch color screen display USB data transfer

  • Model No.:: MEWOI4800A
  • Name:: Intelligent Lightning Protection Component Tester
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MEWOI4800A intelligent lightning protection component tester, alias: lightning protection component tester, SPD field tester, etc., used to measure the performance parameters of various piezoresistors (MOV) and gas discharge tubes (GDT), the instrument has a unique high voltage Short-circuit protection, over-current protection function, professional-level parameter setting function, high-voltage limit setting, boost speed setting, qualified range setting, qualified judgment screening, automatic range adjustment and other functions. It also has the functions of single test mode and continuous test mode, especially suitable for batch component testing. The output voltage of the instrument is up to 2000V, the initial action voltage U1mA measurement range: 50-3000V, the leakage current measurement range: 0-1000uA, the DC breakdown voltage measurement range 50-3000V, good repeatability, accuracy and reliability, and excellent test stability performance and anti-jamming capability. The instrument is widely used to test the performance parameters of overvoltage protection components such as lightning arresters, lightning arresters, surge protectors, varistors, metal ceramic discharge tubes, and vacuum arresters. The instrument adopts a touch color screen Chinese interface, with direct functions, one-button measurement, and simple and quick operation. Users do not need to memorize the operation method. Click "HELP" on the screen to pop up the operation method, effectively guiding the user to operate the instrument. At the same time, the instrument adopts a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, and has functions such as data storage, data query, qualification judgment, automatic shutdown, and USB data upload and export. The instrument has a shockproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof structure. The whole machine is beautiful, durable, and adaptable to harsh working environments. It is a necessary instrument commonly used by meteorological lightning protection, electric power, communication, electromechanical installation and maintenance, lightning protection component manufacturers, and industrial enterprise departments. .


1. A new generation of intelligent lightning protection component tester, touch the Chinese interface on the color screen, click "Help" to see the operation instructions at a glance, and the one-key test function is directly accessible.

2. The tester has a stable output voltage, the output voltage is up to 2000V, which can meet the testing requirements of various components.

3. Unique professional-level parameter setting functions: boost speed setting, high-voltage limit setting, qualified range setting, qualified judgment condition setting, and on-site testing are handy.

4. It has the choice of single test mode and continuous test mode, and the continuous test mode is especially suitable for batch component testing.

5. Test data automatic storage function, can store 3000 sets of test records, USB interface data upload function. It adopts rechargeable high-capacity lithium battery.

Technical parameter

1. Range and accuracy

Measurement functionThe output voltageMeasuring rangeprecisionresolutionTest Conditions
VaristorInitial action voltage U (1mA)    50~3000V    ±2%rdg±3dgt   1V        1mA±5μA
Leakage current I (0.75U, 1mA)    0~1000μA    ±2%rdg±10dgt 0.1uA0.75U1mA≤±1%±1d
discharge tubeDC breakdown voltage Vsdc    50~3000V    ±2%rdg±3dgt   1V        100V/S±10%

Test conditions: varistor: 1mA±5μA; 0.75U1mA≤±1%±1d, discharge tube: 100V/S±10%

2. Other parameters

power supply   DC 7.4V 2600mAH rechargeable lithium battery (continuous standby for more than 3 hours)
measurement method  DC voltage drop method
shift gear   fully automatic shift
display mode  touch color screen
LCD size  108mm×65mm
Host size  212mm×175mm×76mm
quality   About 1200g
test line  One red 1.5m, one black 1.5m each; 2 crocodile clips, 2 test leads
boost speed setting  There are 5 boost levels in total
High pressure limit setting  Step "250V" to adjust, the highest can be set to 3000V
Qualified range setting  Have
Qualification judgment function  The buzzer prompts, one beep for qualified, three beeps for unqualified
Overvoltage protection function  Have
data storage

  Automatically store test data, 1000 groups of varistors, 1000 groups of gas discharge tubes, and 1000 groups of insulation resistance. used, available

  Visual indication of storage space.

data review  Have
overflow display  " 9999.99 " symbol indication when over-range overflow
test mode  Single: One-key test without preset.
  Continuous: The preset voltage can be set, and the continuous test is quick and fast.
data upload  USB interface, the test record data can be uploaded to the computer, and can be exported to Excel format.
battery voltage  Battery power indicator display, reminding to charge in time when the battery voltage is low
Automatic shut-down  Automatic shutdown after 25 minutes without operation
power consumption   Standby: about 140mA, measurement: about 830mA
Random accessories  1 host; 2 test lines; 2 alligator clips; 2 test leads; 1 charger; 1 USB communication line; 1 meter bag


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