MEWOI4850 TVS tester

Perform reverse breakdown voltage test on unidirectional and bidirectional TVS tubes (transient suppression diodes).

  • Main Features:: Voltage range: 0V~400V Data storage: store 1000 test records for each gear, adopt rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery
  • Model No.:: MEWOI4850
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Product introduction

MEWOI4850 Transient Suppressor Diode Tester, also called TVS Tester, is specially designed for TVS diode performance index test, and is an industrial-grade tester. It is composed of host computer, LCD liquid crystal display screen, upper computer software, power adapter and so on. Compared with traditional Zener diodes, TVS diodes have the advantages of faster response speed and are widely used in circuit design. Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the product, it is particularly important to test the performance of each diode shipped from the factory. Among the performance indicators of TVS diodes, the most important indicator is "reverse breakdown voltage". This product is designed for the detection of this indicator. Compared with the traditional measuring instruments, this product has an LCD liquid crystal display function, which is convenient for user operation and test result display. The LCD liquid crystal display part is mainly composed of several parts such as voltage threshold input, qualification judgment, test result display, real-time voltage and current display, measurement record usage, battery power display, test record display and test record operation; it is compatible with other measuring instruments The hardware design is also different than the power button and other function keys. This instrument uses a rotary switch, which has a longer service life and is more convenient to use than traditional buttons; in terms of power supply, this product is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It is easy to carry, and you only need to fully charge it to work in places without electricity. Compared with traditional dry batteries, it is more durable and environmentally friendly. Another highlight is the test result recording function. Each gear can store 1000 test records. Users can view and operate the test results. At the same time, they can use the host computer software equipped by the company to view and operate the test records. Provide test record export function, users can export test records to EXCEL table. In this way, users can view, compare and analyze the test data.


1. TVS tester, with touch color screen, has voltage threshold input, qualified judgment, test result display, real-time voltage and current display, measurement record usage, battery power display, test record display and test record operation.

2. Detect the "reverse breakdown voltage" of the TVS tube to ensure the performance of the product.

3. Adopt rechargeable high-capacity lithium battery.

4. It has qualified range setting and qualified judgment mode.

5. With test result recording function, large-capacity data storage, and USB data upload function.

Technical parameter

1. Range and accuracy

test function




Voltage test (DC)







2. Other parameters

function   Reverse breakdown voltage test for unidirectional and bidirectional TVS tubes
power supply   External power adapter power supply: AC110V~240V to DC12V
Built-in battery  Rechargeable lithium battery: 7.4V, 2600mAh, about 1000 cycles of charging
  The battery is fully charged and the continuous power supply time is about 6 hours
voltage range  0V-400V
data storage  Each gear stores 1000 test records
Test record query  Support test record query and operation
communication method  Serial communication
Display method  color touch screen
LCD size  108mm×65mm
Host size  215mm×178mm×83mm
Short circuit protection  When the output terminal of the instrument is short-circuited, the output will be automatically stopped to protect the safety of itself and the staff.
LCD display content  Display real-time voltage and current data, display test results after the test is completed, and display information such as measurement records and battery power
CHARGE light  Charging indicator light, the red light is on when charging, and the green light is on when fully charged
Working light  When the user clicks the start button on the screen, the meter starts to output voltage, and the blue indicator light is on at the same time, and the light goes out after the test is completed

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