MEWOI-HT9980A/ HT9981A PV Safety Comprehensive Tester

MEWOI-HT9980A/ HT9981A PV Safety Comprehensive Tester

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HT9981A is a three-in-one comprehensive tester developed by our company for the photovoltaic industry automation test equipment. Standard data acquisition software, support U disk remote upgrade program. Comply with photovoltaic standards IEC61215, IEC61730.


  • 3-in-1 comprehensive test, testing withstand voltage, insulation resistance and grounding resistance

  • Equipped with PLC and communication interface, able to external connected to supporting facilities to achieve automated testing

  • With upper and lower limits setting, using sound and light alarm to eliminate product missed detection

  • Full keyboard operation, simple and easy to read and operate, more convenient to set the parameters

  • Four-wire test perfectly eliminates wire resistance, and the calculation is more accurate


HT9980A and HT9981A as PV safety testers used for photovoltaic module safety parameters, it is also be used for household appliances, electronic instruments, electronic equipment, electronic components, wires and cables and other electrical products withstand voltage, insulation test and ground test.


DC withstand voltage measurement
Voltage range0~8000V0~10000V
Voltage output resolution0.001kV
Voltage output accuracy±(3%+5 counts)
Current measurement0~5mA
Current resolution0.01μA
Current accuracy±(2%+ 2 counts)
Insulation resistance test
Voltage range0~2000V0~3000V
Voltage resolution0.001kV
Voltage accuracy±(3%+ 5 counts)
Resistance range0.1MΩ~50GΩ0.1MΩ~99GΩ
Resistance accuracy±(2% display value +3 counts)(100kΩ-999MΩ);±(5% display value +3 counts)
(1.00GΩ-9.99GΩ;±(20% display value +3 counts)(10GΩ-50GΩ)
±(2% display value +3 counts)(100kΩ-999MΩ);±(5% display value +3 counts)
(1.00GΩ-9.99GΩ);±(20% display value +3 counts)(10GΩ-99GΩ)
Ground resistance test
Current range10A~60A10A~80A
Current resolution0.01A
Current accuracy±(2%+5 counts)
Resistance range0~600.00mΩ (10.00A~20.00A);0~300.00mΩ (20.01A~30.00A);
0~200.00mΩ (30.01A~40.00A);0~150.00mΩ (40.01A~50.00A);
0~120.00mΩ (50.01A~60.00A);
0~600.00mΩ (10.00A~20.00A);0~300.00mΩ (20.01A~30.00A);
0~200.00mΩ (30.01A~40.00A);0~150.00mΩ (40.01A~50.00A);
0~120.00mΩ (50.01A~60.00A);0~100.00mΩ (60.01A~70.00A)
0~80.00mΩ (70.01A~80.00A)
Resistance resolution0.001mΩ
Resistance accuracy±(2%+3 counts)
AccessoriesHT9933、HT9950、HT9900、JK381-10P-T、HT9800、power cord

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