MEWOI-HT3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter

MEWOI-HT3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter

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HT3542 Precision DC Resistance Tester is one of the highest-precision DC resistance testers in the industry.

HT3545 DC resistance tester is 6 1/2 and 1.200,000 display, the minimum resolution can measure 0.01μΩ. Its basic accuracy of 0.01% is quite fit in the inverter motor coil inspection and other fields requiring high-resolution resistance measurement.

The HT3545 features high-speed test cable anomaly detection and extremely short measurement cycles, with a maximum sorting speed of 2.2 mS, ensuring high-speed and reliable sorting every time.

HT3542 is a compact version of HT3545.


  • Thermoelectric compensation (OVC)

  • Testing range 0.01μΩ to 1200 MΩ

  • Low power resistance measurement

  • Test cable open circuit detection function, suitable for OS inspection of automatic production lines

  • D/A output

  • Automatic test function

  • External control I/O port, RS-232 interface, Ethernet port, temperature test interface, analog input and output port, especially suitable for supporting automatic equipment to complete automatic test.

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 01

3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter Software Operation Interface

HT3542desktop DC resistance tester operation interface

Cable Detection Function

Circuit principle

Each test end is divided into 2 test lines, and a constant current source is added between the test lines. When the DUT is short-circuited at the test end, the current source outputs a low level, otherwise it outputs a high level. Use in this way to check whether the test object or test line is in good contact.
HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 03

Application Example

Broken test leads and poor contact with the test object will lead to misjudgment of the insulation test, which may cause defective products to flow into the market. In order to prevent this kind of situation, we have a standard contact check function, which can notify the disconnection or poor contact to prevent the above situation.
HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 04HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 05

PCB Board Test

For some PCBs with high requirements in aerospace, automotive electronics, etc., it is required to test their vias and traces. With the support of multi-channel switching equipment, HT3545 precision resistance tester offers its scanning and switching at the speed of 2ms per channel.
HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 06

HT3542 single-channel Resistance Tester is suitable for the following application

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 07

  • HT3542 single-channel tester is applied to small signal contacts, small fuses, leads, small magnetic parts, motor coils, transformer coils, solenoids, chokes, wiring harnesses, connectors, relay contacts, fuses, resistors, conductive coatings, conductive rubber.

  • Suitable to resistance testing requiring high accuracy

  • Used to test high speed and multi test point resistances

  • In fast sorting of large quantities of electronic components

  • For resistance measurement of high, medium and low conductivity resistance materials.

  • Fit to characterize the low resistance characteristics of electromechanical components under the low current 100mA and low open voltage 30mV conditions


Display3.5 inch TFT-LCD
Measurement parametersDC resistance
Test scope10mΩ~10MΩ,9 ranges
Measuring currentDC 1A-0.5uA
Measuring accuracy±0.01%rdg.±0.001%f.s.
Measuring speedFAST(2.2ms), MED(50Hz:21ms,60Hz:18ms), SLOW1(102ms),SLOW2(202ms)
Measurement range20mΩ/200mΩ/2000mΩ/20Ω/200Ω/2000Ω/20kΩ/200kΩ/2000ΚΩ/10ΜΩ
Signal source1A DC, Max:5.5V
Humidity range23℃,less than 80RH
CalibrationShort-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator10-bin sorting, output signal HIGH/IN/LOW
Data storageSupport with PC software and store in PC
TriggerInternal, manual, bus trigger
OtherTest lead anomaly detection
InterfaceExternal IO, LAN,RS-232
Power supplyVoltage:100VAC~256VAC; Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz; Rated power:15VA
Size & weight325mm*215mm*96.5mm(L*W*H) 2kg
AccessoriesHT9348 temperature probe, PB36 connector,HT9344 test clip, HT9800 communication cable, power cord

Accessories and Options

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 08

Specification Selection Table

ModelChannel No.TypeTest AccuracyResolutionDisplay
HT3545SingleStandard10mΩ~1000MΩ0.01μΩ6 1/2
HT3542Economy10mΩ~10MΩ0.1μΩ5 1/2
10kW-20kW Modular Series 04

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