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  • Offering 0.02% basic accuracy, 0.1μΩminimum resolution, 1A maximum test current

  • With measurable range 0.1μΩ~3.3MΩ.

  • Anti-interference measurement is achieved by protecting the probe used by the port and increasing the test current.

  • Using the sorting indicator (option) with loud volume sound to accurately judge whether it is qualified or not at the production site.

  • Equipped with RS232/RS485/LAN interfaces and EXT I/O port, HT3544 multi-channel resistance meter is especially suitable for supporting ATE line to complete automatic test.

HT3548 portable resistance tester operation interface

3548 portable resistance tester operation interface


  • Compact and portable structure with powerful function

  • Unique measuring conductor length function

  • Unique 300mA current test

  • The measured value automatically maintained and stored

  • Has stable measurement value (average function)

  • With thermoelectric compensation function(OVC)

HT3548 portable Resistance Tester is suitable for the following application

HT3544 DC reistance meter 04


ModelHT3548 Portable
Display4.3 inch  VFD display
Measurement items       ESR, temperature
Basic accuracy0.1%±10 reading (3mΩ,30mΩ,3MΩ); 0.05%±4 readings;0.02%±2 readings(the other ranges)
Measurement range 3mΩ/30mΩ/300mΩ/3Ω/30Ω/300Ω/3kΩ/30kΩ/300kΩ/3MΩ
Measurement speed5 meas/sec
Maximum test currentDC 1A
TemperatureRange:-10°C ~60°C Accuracy:±1°C
CorrectionShort-circuit reset for all ranges
ComparatorHIGN/IN/LOW sorting
Internal data storageStore up to 2400 test data
TriggerInternal/auto trigger
Signal sourceAC 1kHz, Test current: <150mA
Other functionsOVC, length conversion function, temperature correction
InterfaceUSB, external
Power supply12V/1700mAh lithium battery, AA (LR6) Alkaline Batteries x 8
Rated Power2.5W
Dimensions208 mm (L) x120mm (W) x 52mm (D),without sleeve
Accessory Standard:HT9363-B test probe,HT9348,power cord,12.6V charger, lithium battery

HT3548 portable battery tester powered by 12V 1700mAh lithium battery or 8 pieces LR dry battery

lithium battery inside 3548 Portable DC resistance tester3548 portable resistance tester 01

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