MEWOI-HT3563-24 Multi-channel Precision Battery Tester

MEWOI-HT3563-24 Multi-channel Precision Battery Tester

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Expanded multi-channel battery tester HT3563-12 and HT3563-24

To expand HT3563 Battery Tester to 12-channel or 24-channel Multi-channel tester for supporting tool for automated production line or batch testing requirement. The built-in card is 12 channels per card.

HT3563 Multi-channel Battery Tester

The HT3563 -12H/24H multi-channel battery tester can quickly complete the internal resistance and voltage sorting test of the maximum 24-channel battery. Based on the identical test circuit of the classic HT3563, the test speed and accuracy of this device are in leading position of the industry. They are the ideal supporting tool for automated test manufacturers.


  • Standard interface for automatic test equipment

  • Strong anti-interference ability,

  • AC four-terminal method, high-precision measure low-resistance

  • Automatic test function

  • High resolution and good stability

  • High resolution 0.1uΩ

  • Maximum test voltage up to 300V


HT3563 24-channel battery tester 01

3563-24 Multi-channel Battery Tester Operation Interface

3563 battery tester measurement setting page

3563-24 Multi-channel Battery Tester Measurement Setting Page

3563 battery tester Comparator Settings

3563-24 Multi-channel Battery Tester Comparator Settings


Display4.3 inch  TFT-LCD display
Measurement parametersACR,DCV
Range 0.1μΩ ~ 3kΩ
Signal SourceMeasurement current frequency:1kHz; Open circuit voltage:<5V;Test current:<100mA
Range7 different ranges-3mΩ,30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,300Ω,3KΩ;
Auto and manual modes are available in each range
Measuring speed100 meas/sec.,50 meas/sec., 20 meas/sec., 3 meas/sec.
CalibrationShort-circuit reset for all ranges;
Comparator30 sets of data records, 4 bins sorting, bin count
Othersdata/report save, USB disk export,
Trigger modeInternal/manual/external/bus trigger
InterfaceRS-232/485, Handle (PLC interface), USB, Ethernet
Power supplyVoltage: 100VAC~256VAC; Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz;
Dimension(L*W*D)325 mm*215 mm*96.5 mm
Weight3 kg
Standard accessoriesHT9363A test clip, HT9800 communication cable,PB36 connector, power cord


  • Inspection of high-voltage battery pack and battery module

  • High-speed mass production inspection of various batteries

  • For large, medium and small (low impedance) component inspection and high volume production inspection

  • Special fuel cell stack inspection

  • Research and development measurement for batteries

  • Simultaneously check internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) at high speed

HT3563 24-channel battery tester 04

Hopetech Application

Functions and Advantages

Fast sorting in automatic lithium battery production line

Thanks to HT3653 high precision and functional design, Hope Instrument battery tester is the tailor-made solution for your battery internal resistance and voltage test, small scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing, etc. 

With the rapid development of electronic products like cell phones, laptops, new energy electronic vehicles and other portable electronic devices, there is a higher need in batteries manufacturing. Meanwhile the requirement for batteries has become higher and more accurate. Hope instrument HT3563 reliable precision internal resistance battery tester is suitable to offer fast sorting in battery automatic production line and greatly help battery manufacturer to improve productivity under good product quality control.

Accessories & Options

CHT9363A Test clip

HT9363A Test clip

CHT9800 communication cable

HT9800 Communication Cable

Power cord

Power Cord

PB 36 connector

PB 36 Connector

  • More models for difference specification available

ModelChannelApplicationPerformance characteristics
HT3563SingleGeneral useSingle test for all sizes of batteries
HT3563 -12HMOSFT12-channelSingle cell batteryFast scanning speed, durable MOSFT
RelayBattery pack in seriesSlower speed and high pressure resistance
HT3563 -24HMOSFT24-channelSingle cell batteryFast scanning speed, durable MOSFT



HT3563 series instrument comes standard with RS232/RS485/LAN and I/O interface, especially suitable for supporting automatic equipment to complete automatic test.

Features 01

The CHT3563 multi-channel resistance tester can be used for both single-channel test and multi-channel test; They support single-card 12-channel in four-terminal test and max of 24-channel test

Features 01

  • Standard interface for automatic test equipment

  • Strong anti-interference ability,

  • AC four-terminal method, high-precision measure low-resistance

  • Automatic test function

  • High resolution and good stability

  • High resolution 0.1uΩ

  • Maximum test voltage up to 300V

When the battery manufacturers need more than 24-channel testing for muliti-channel sorting or serveral batteries pack, the extrnal muliti-channel scanning card is a perfect soulition for you.The card has 10~64 channels.

Example wiring:

Diagrm wiring for 3563 multi-channel Battery Tester Using 64-channel Scanning Card

3653 battery tester 24 to 64 channels testing with scanning card

HT3563 series battery testers are designed for the new measurement requirements of the battery industry. They are special for measurement use in low-resistance batteries, large-scale lithium battery packs and fast product sorting in production lines.

The HT3563 series is capable of simultaneously checking internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) at high speed. The product has high resolution, good stability, short test cycle, exquisite appearance, powerful function and various types of interfaces, which make it suitable for product development and automation production line.

With the technology advantage of Hopetech in battery internal resistance testing for many years, HT3563 series are able to offer a high resolution of 0.1uΩ and minimum resolution of 10uV.

Equipment with its standard features RS232C and hander interfaces, HT3563 series offer automatic measurement on batteries and a max measurement speed up to 50 times/sec.

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