MEWOI4000+ Digital Earth Resistance Tester,ground resistance tester,GEO meter

-2/3wires measurement Digital Earth Resistance Tester,ground resistance tester,GEO meter

  • Main Features:: 1.Earth Resistance Range: 0.10Ω~2000Ω 2.Grounding Current Range : 0mA ~100A AC 3.Grounding Voltage Range : 0~ 200V AC 4. Data Storage :1000 groups 5.Power Supply : DC9V,R6 AA dry batteryX6PCS
  • Model No.:: MEWOI4000+
  • Name:: Digital Earth Resistance Tester,ground resistance tester,GEO meter
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MEWOI4000+ Digital Earth Resistance Tester specially designed and manufactured for the field measurement of ground resistance, adopts dgital and micro-pocessing technology 3 wire or 2 wire method to measure ground resistance,with unique calibration function for wire resistance, anti-inteference ability and environmental adaptabilty, to ensure the long-term measurement of high precision, high stability and reliability. 

MEWOI4000+ Digital Earth Resistance Tester has the unique function of wire resistance calibration ,and is more accurate to meaure the low value ground resistance in the field, wich can avoid the error cused by the change of wire resistance in the test line for a long time usage.It can avoid errors caused by incomplete insertion of test line into instrument interface or bad contact.It can avoid the error caused by the user to change or lengthen the test line.

1. Range and accuracy

Measurement function




Ground resistance



(auxiliary ground resistance 100Ω±5%, voltage to ground <10V)





ground current

0mA~100A AC



ground voltage

0V~200V AC





2. Technical specifications


Ground resistance measurement, ground current measurement, ground voltage measurement

power supply

DC 9V (alkaline dry battery LR6 1.5V 6 sections)

back light

Controllable brightness, suitable for use in dark places

measurement method

Precise three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement

Measurement methods

Grounding resistance: rated current changing pole method, measuring current 20mA Max;

Ground voltage: RMS acquisition

Current: RMS acquisition

test frequency


Short circuit test current

AC 20mA max

Auxiliary pile judgment

Can avoid the error caused by the excessive grounding resistance of the auxiliary grounding electrode

Wire Resistance Calibration

Avoid errors caused by the test line not being fully inserted into the instrument interface or poor contact, or the user replaces the extended test line, etc., making the grounding resistance measurement more accurate

display mode

LED screen, black text on white background

Current Clamp Size

Jaw 35mm×40mm

LCD size

LCD display field: 58mm×46mm

Meter size

About 160mm×100mm×66mm

test line

3 pieces: red 15m, yellow 10m, green 5m each

Simple test line

Red 1.5m

Auxiliary ground rod

2 pieces: Φ10mm×230mm

measure time

Current: about 2 times/second;

Ground voltage: about 2 times/second;

Ground resistance: about 15 seconds/time

Measurement times

More than 5000 times (measure 10Ω in 20Ω range, measure once, stop for 30 seconds and measure again)

line voltage

Measure voltage to ground: measure below AC 200V

overflow display

Over-range overflow function: "OL" symbol display

battery voltage

When the battery voltage drops to about 7.2V, the low battery voltage symbol " " flashes to remind you to replace the battery.

Working current

Backlight: 56mA Max

Standby: 20mA Max (backlight off)

Measurement: 200mA Max (backlight off)


Meter: about 470g (including battery)

Current clamp: about 190g

Total weight: about 2125g (including accessories)

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh

storage temperature and humidity

-20℃~60℃; below 70%rh

overload protection

Measurement of grounding resistance: AC 280V/3 seconds between each port of EP and EC

Insulation resistance

More than 10MΩ (500V between the circuit and the shell)

Pressure resistance

AC 3700V/rms (between the circuit and the case)

Electromagnetic properties

IEC61010-4-3, radio frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-1, IEC1010-2-31, IEC61557-1, pollution degree 2, CAT Ⅲ 300V

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