MEWOI8203D/MEWOI8204E Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Tester

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  • Main Features:: Detecting zinc oxide lightning arrester electrical properties
  • Model No.:: MEWOI8203D
  • Name:: MEWOI8203D/MEWOI8204E Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Tester


MEWOI8203D/8204E series zinc oxide arrester tester is used to measure and analyze the leakage current of zinc oxide arrester (MOA). The main purpose is to measure the resistance current of MOA, so as to judge the moisture and aging degree of MOA. It can be used for on-site live measurement, and can also be used for laboratories and acceptance tests.

The MEWOI8203D/8204E series Zinc Oxide arrester tester has the following functions:

  1. Use PT two times voltage reference (two times method) to measure resistive current. This is the best way to get the best accuracy.

  2. Use electric field intensity signal as reference (induction plate method). The phase information of bus voltage is provided by an induction board mounted on the base of B-phase MOA to decompose resistive current. The measurement accuracy of the method is close to the two step method, and the operation is safe, convenient and fast.

  3. Current analysis. The instrument carries out fast Fourier transform analysis of MOA current signal. According to the statistical principle, the corresponding data such as full current Ix, resistive current Ir, first fundamental peak Ir1p of resistive current can be obtained directly through data analysis inside the instrument. This method is simple, convenient and fast.

  4. The use of wireless transmission voltage reference measurement resistance current, operation is particularly convenient.

  5. Simple operation and abundant data. The instrument is also equipped with rechargeable batteries, calendar clocks and micro printers, which can store 120 measurements and transmit the data to the computer for processing.


Model No.,Leakage Current Range
Three phase simultaneous measurement/Wired/Induction
MEWOI8204E0-10mAThree phase simultaneous measurement/Wired/Induction/Wireless/Single Current


1) The machine uses large screen LCD display, full English menu operation, easy to use.

2) High-precision sampling and processing circuit, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology to ensure more reliable data.

3) The instrument uses a unique high-speed magnetic isolation digital sensor to directly collect the input voltage and current signals, which ensures the reliability and safety of the data.

4) This instrument can use electric field induction instead of PT two times wiring.

5) The instrument can directly measure resistive current without PT two.

6) The instrument can automatically compensate for three phase simultaneous measurement. The use is particularly convenient.

7) It has the functions of resistive current fundamental wave peak output and side phase correction.

8) The instrument is equipped with rechargeable batteries, calendar clock and micro printer.

9) 120 sets of measurement data can be stored and equipped with RS232 computer interface.


FuntionMeasurement and analysis of leakage current of Zinc Oxide arrester (MOA)
Leakage Current Measure Range0-10mA RMS,50Hz/60Hz
Accuracy ± (reading x 5%+5uA)

Measurement accuracy of resistive current fundamental

(the two time method does not contain Interphase Interference) 

± (reading x 5%+5uA).

Measurement accuracy of resistive current fundamental(current method) 

± (reading x 15%+5uA)

Current harmonic measurement accuracy ± (reading x 10%+10uA)
Current channel input resistance ≤2Ω
Reference voltage input range25V~250V RMS, 50Hz / 60Hz
Reference voltage measurement accuracy ± (reading x 5%+0.5V)
Voltage harmonic measurement accuracy ± (reading x 10%)
The input voltage of reference voltage channel≥300kΩ
Electric field intensity input range 30kV/m~300kV/m
The accuracy of electric field intensity measurement± (reading x 10%).
Accuracy of electric field harmonic measurement ±(reading x 10%)
Internal battery working time6 hours continuous
Charging power100V ~ 250V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Charging timeabout 6 hours.
Data storage 120 groups
Communication interface RS232
Instrument size35cm (long) x 28cm (wide) x 18cm (high)
Instrument weightInstrument weight 5kg (excluding cable package)
Working temperature and humidity -10 ~ 50 C; 80%rh below
Storage temperature and humidity-20 ~ 60 C; 70%rh below
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