MEWOI-160kVA-160kV Variable Frequency Resonance AC Hipot Tester

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  • Main Features:: AC withstand voltage test of primary electrical equipment
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-160kVA-160kV
  • Name:: MEWOI-160kVA-160kV Variable Frequency Resonance AC Hipot Tester

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MEWOI-160kVA-160kV is mainly designed for AC voltage test of 110kV cable and 220kV power system. The separate manufacturing reactor design, can meet the requirements of high voltage equipment, test conditions. The small current is, city, county departments and high voltage test of electrical installation, repair and test pressure equipment engineering unit ideal. The device is mainly composed of variable frequency control of the power supply, excitation transformer, high voltage reactor and capacitor divider.


Main technical parameters
Rated capacitance160kVA
Input power supplythree-phase 380V or single phase 220V, frequency: 45-65Hz
 Rated voltage160kV
Rated current1A
Working frequency30 - 300Hz
Output waveformSine wave
Waveform distortionthe waveform distortion of output voltage ≤ 1%
Duty cycleallows continuous 5min under rated load, 1min under 1.1 times over-voltage
The temperature riseafter continuous operation for 1min under the rated load, the temperature rise is less than or equal to 65K
Protection functionwith over-current, over-voltage and flash-over protection for tested objects. (see the section of the variable frequency power supply)
Test accuracyRMS 1.5 class
Operating Condition

Temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃
Relative humidity≤ 90%RH
Altitude≤ 1000m
Configuration and parameters of the system


Inverter power supply 
(1) Rated output capacitance: 10kW
(2) Power supply: 380V or 0 - 220V ±10%V single-phase
(3) Output voltage: 0 - 400V, adjustable
(4) Rated input current
(5) Rated output current: 0-25A
(6) Voltage resolution:
(7) Voltage measurement accuracy: 1.5%
(8) Frequency adjustment range: 30 - 300Hz

(9) Frequency adjustment resolution: 0.1Hz step can be adjusted

(10) Frequency stability: 0.02%

(11) Running time: continuous 60 min under rated capacitance
(12) After continuous operation for 60 min under the rated capacitance, the highest temperature of component is no more than 65K
(13) Noise level: ≤ 50dB
(14) Weight: about  kg


High voltage reactor 

(1) Rated capacitance: 10kVA
(2) Rated voltage: 40kV
(3) Rated current: 1A
(4) Electric inductance: 110H / piece

(5) Quality factor: Q≥30 (f=45Hz)
(6) Structure: dry type
(7) Weight: about  kg
MEWOI-10kVA/1.5kV  Exciting transformer 1pc

(1) Rated capacitance: 10kVA

(2) Input voltage: 0 ~ 400V, single-phase

(3) Output voltage: 10kV
output current:1A
(5) Weight: about kg
MEWOI-30kV/3000pF Capacitive divider 1pc(1) Rated voltage: 160kV;
(2) High-voltage capacitance: 1000pF
(3) Dielectric loss: tgσ ≤ 1.5%
(4) Voltage ratio: 
(5) Measurement accuracy: RMS 1.5%
(6) Working frequency: 30-300Hz
MEWOI-160KV/5000pFCompensating capacitor1pc


(2) Rated voltage:160kV

(3)Working frequency:30~300Hz

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