MEWOI-M9002C handheld Ultrasonic Partial discharge patrol detector,with GIS,TEV Sensor

Partial discharge patrol detector

  • Model No.:: MEWOI-M9002C
  • Name:: Ultrasonic Partial discharge patrol detector
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MEWOI-M9002C Handheld Ultrasonic Partial discharge patrol detector,with GIS(GasInsulatedSwitchgear),TEV Sensor(transient earth voltage detection)

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MEWOI-M9002C partial discharge locator has the advantages of independent two-channel partial discharge signal input high-definition LCD screen, easy shock-proof, high reliability and strong ability to resist high voltage impact. It is mainly used for fault diagnosis and comprehensive analysis of partial discharge. It can synchronously detect two partial discharge signals, obtain electrical and acoustic signals from different sensors, and automatically determine various parameters such as magnitude, shape and discharge times of partial discharge in real time in three-dimensional space, and analyze and count partial discharge signals. Combined with ultrasonic or ultra-high frequency sensors, it can meet the requirements of partial discharge detection and positioning of different high-voltage electrical equipment. 

Adoption of standards

The design of this local live comprehensive tester adopts the following standards: 

GB/T 7354-2003 Partial Discharge Measurement; 

GB 4793.1-2007-Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use-Part 1: General requirements; 

GB/T 2423.8-1995 Basic Environmental Test Rules for Electrical and Electronic Products; 

GB 2900 Electrotechnical Terminology; 

GB/T 16927 High Voltage Test Technology; 

DL/T 356-2010 Calibration Specification for Partial Discharge Measuring Instrument; 

DL/T 417-2006 Guide for Field Measurement of Partial Discharge in Power Equipment; 

Electromagnetic compatibility of IEC1000. 


  • 5-inch high brightness LCD display, resolution: 800 × 480

  • Portable, rugged, lightweight, suitable for use in harsh environments

  • Measurement, statistics and analysis of repetitive discharge times of

  • Save experimental data and waveforms at any time and redisplay them

  • Under the condition of no power outage, carry out operation state detection and evaluation

  • Determine the position of discharge point


(1)Parallel two channels

(2)12-bit ADC, differential signal input
(3)Antialiasing Filter
(4)Channel range can be set by software
(5)Large test dynamic range
(6)The accuracy of the whole test is 0.5 dB, the resolution is high, and the minimum resolution is 0.1 dB
(7)External signal synchronization
(8)High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery
(9)Dimensions: 420mm x 300mm x 230mm

Test method of sensor 

Ultrasonic AE Sensor

UHF UHF Sensor

TEV transient-to-earth wave TEV sensor

HFCT High Frequency Current HFCT Sensor


Model No.Display
SensorsApplication Area

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


320*240 LCD2sensors: Ultrasonic+TEVSwitchgear and Ring Main Unit

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


800*480,5inches6sensors:Ultrasonic(GIS:2pcs)+TEV+Ultrasonic concentrator+High frequency Current sensor+Ultra-high frequency sensorSwitchgear, Ring Main Unit,Transformers, GIS, cables, generators, reactors

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer


6sensors:Ultrasonic(GIS:2pcs)+TEV+Ultrasonic concentrator+High frequency Current sensor+Ultra-high frequency sensorSwitchgear, Ring Main Unit,Transformers, GIS, cables, generators, reactors

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