MEWOI-YM3200 Insulator’s Salt Density tester,Salt Density meter measuring instrument

Insulator’s Salt Density tester

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MEWOI-YM3200 Insulator’s Salt Density tester,Salt Density meter measuring instrument


        In general, there is no doubt that the power plant and line with high voltage class and large-capacity transportation play a vital role in the electrical network. However, on account of the weak wire tables in country’s electrical power system ,we need to prevent the pollution flashover which can bring the overall system to disintegrate and cause the big- area power cut. Therefore, before design and construction, we should primarily detect the external insulation’s saturated salt density to determine the contamination levels in your area. And then select the appropriate external insulation creepage distance to bring the pollution flashover to an acceptable degree in power system with safe-economical transportation (ie acceptable pollution flashover rate). So, there is a demands of Electricity Industry about the pollution flashover controlling for it can bring down the economic losses to a minimum.

        Insulator’s Salt Density Measuring Instrument, a dedicated instrument that can detect not only the external insulation’s equivalent salt deposit density but the Conductivity, is frequently used to prevent the pollution flashover in power system. However, the defects that imported conducted apparatus can’t be directly read out conductivity of salt density and the function of the instrument are seldom, so our company develop a suitable instrument -MEWOI-YM-3200. With its easy-manipulation and diverse-function, our product has been unanimously admitted by all customers.


1) Automatic range switching, improving the accuracy when salt density is low. measuring speed (2.5 s/time).

2)Wide measurement range, the range of salt density is between 0.0001mg/cm²~9.9999mg/cm².
3) Can choose the language (Chinese or English).
4) Using 480 * 272 color LCD touch screen.
5) Direct-Reading. You can read the ESSD、Conductivity、temperature、SPS Class、USCD on the screen directly and print the result.
6) Temperature auto-compensating technology. Automatic Compensation for liquor’s conductance is the values at 20°C.
7) Automatically delete the original solution salinity and reduces the requirement of the cleaning fluid.
8) Can store 100000 set of records and records can be exported to the U disk or through the printer.
9) Can consult, delete, export a single record, also can delete all the records.
10) Display screen has backlighting and backlight can be adjusted.
11) The apparatus has high power rechargeable lithium battery (2600mAh) inside and the function of battery gauge displaying. So it is convenient to use in field.


Measurement Range

Salt Density:0.0001mg/cm²~9.9999mg/cm²(typified by X - 4.5 type insulator).



Measurement  Accuracy

Salt Density:the resolution is 0.0001 mg/cm².

Full Range Accuracy:±2%.

Temperature:the resolution is 0.1℃,the precision is ±0.5°C

Conductivity:the resolution is 0.01μs/cm.

Environment Temperature0℃~60℃.
Environment Humidity: <90%.<90%.
Size and Weight

Size: 356mm×260mm×133mm.


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