MEWOI-ZCL100E Portable Loop Resistance Tester,High Voltage Switch Resistance Tester Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance tester,Circuit-resistance-tester,Microhmímetro digital portátil até 100 A

High Voltage Switch Resistance Tester Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Measurement Test Kit

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MEWOI-ZCL100E Portable Micro Ohm Meter 100A Contact Loop Resistance Tester Contact Resistance for Testing HV Breaker,Circuit resistance tester,Microhmímetro digital portátil até 100 A


The digital low resistance ohmmeter is a new generation of micro-resistance tester based on modern industrial design concepts. The product is a hand-held instrument, small in size and easy to carry with built-in lithium battery for power supply, which is suitable for field use. The “four-wire” current and voltage test method can meet the measurement of low resistances such as high-voltage switches, circuit breakers, and relay metal contacts.


1,L1. It is lithium battery-powered. More than 600 consecutive tests can be performed on a single charge, and the test process is simple and convenient;
2, The output current is up to 100A, multiple gears are available, and the test range is wide;
3,At 100A test, the longest test time can reach 60 seconds, which meets various applications in the field;
4, With wide range and high accuracy, it can be up to 4mΩ at 50A;
5,It has open circuit protection, overheating protection and other comprehensive protection functions;
6,With 5.0-inch super-large industrial-grade high-brightness color LCD screen, the display can be still clearly visible under strong sunlight;
7,With local storage and USB flash drive storage, it is convenient for data save.


Measuring Range

Output Current


Measuring Range

100A: 0 ~ 2mΩ;

50A: 0 ~4mΩ;

Technical Index



Resolution  Ratio


Output time

1S, 3S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 60S;

Battery charging time

about 4 hours;

Data storageIt can save 100 groups of data;
Capacity It can be used 600 times on a single charge
Host Dimension250mm * 155mm * 70mm
Host Weight1.94KG
Total weight including accessories

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