MEWOI-GT1000FC Hand held dust meter, dust concentration tester, Laser Dust Particle Counter

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  • Model No.:: MEWOI-GT1000FC(MEWOI2100334)
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MEWOI-GT1000FC Hand held dust meter, dust concentration tester, Laser Dust Particle Counter


MEWOI-GT1000FC dust particle counter is suitable for dust particle   concentration monitoring in various dust free workshops, clean rooms, public   environments, etc.It adopts imported Laser dust sensor and micro-controller   technology, with fast response and high accuracy, which can measure the   number of dust particles with various sizes at the same time.


1Custom setting detection mode, storage mode and print mode as   needed

23.5 inches LCD color screen with IPS display, perfectly display   from any angles

3Pump can be turned off during the detection interval to prolong   the standby time

4Standard function:(1data   logging, up to 123,200 groups,(2temperature   and humidity detection3can   detect PM0.3,PM1.0,PM2.5,PM10 at the same time

5Optional function:(1large capacity TF memory card storage,(2mobile printing, micro-printer or portable Bluetooth printer

6Dust-proof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe

 circuit design

7With temperature compensationsuitable for all kinds of harsh applications


(1) Dust Detection:

Dust Particle, Laser dust sensor   (0.3/0.5um,1.0um,2.5um,10um)

(2) Detection Range:

0-999ug/m3 0-9999999PC/L

(3) Resolution:


(4) IP ratingIP 65

IP 65

( 5) Flow Speed:


( 5) Accuracy:

≤±5% (Depending on the specific sensor

(6) Explosion Proof Sign:

Exdll CT4 (IA)

(7) Scalable Gas Sensor(Optional) :

User can customize 1-3 gas sensors plus a dust sensor in any   combination

(8) Temperature and Humidity(Optional):

Temperature detection range:-40 120 Humidity detection   range:0-100%RH

(9) Detection Method

real-time detection mode, timing   detection mode and cycle detection mode can be switch freely

(10) Storage Method

Automatically saving and manually saving   is available, up to 123,200 groups of data ,user can view history data on the   display.

(11) Print Mode:

Print Mode: automatic print and manual   print are available, user can reset the print cycle ( micro printer is optional)

(12) Operating Condition

operating temperature: -30 60

(13) Operating humidity:


(14) Operating pressure:

-30Kpa 100Kpa

(15) Power:

4000mA high capacity polymer rechargeable   battery

(16) Dimensions / Weight:

255*80*60 mmL×W×H 0.5 Kgnet weight

(17) Standard Accessories

instrument case, manual, certificate,USB   charger, calibration cover

(18)Optional Accessories:

micro printer, Bluetooth printer,PM2.5   laser dust particle sensor, addition of various types of sensors, GPRS   module, 32G memory card, man down alarm function.

(19)Executive Standard:

GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive Environment   Part 1: general requirements for equipment"
  GB3836.4-2010 "Explosive Environment Part 4: equipment protected by   intrinsically safe "i""

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