MEWOI-K9 Pro Auto Body Temperature measurement and and disinfection machine,Intelligent sensor soap dispenser,auto infrared thermometer,sanitizing dispenser

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  • Main Features:: Main Features:: 1,Hands Free,Auto Measurement,2,Accuracy:±0.2℃,3,Fever Sound Alarm,4,Auto Soap Dispenser
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-K9 PRO
  • Name:: MEWOI-K9 Pro Auto Body Temperature measurement and and disinfection machine,Intelligent sensor soap dispenser,auto infrared thermometer,sanitizing dispenser
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MEWOI-K9 Pro Auto Body Temperature measurement and and disinfection machine,sanitizing dispenser,Intelligent sensor soap dispenser,auto fever detector,auto body temperature checking,auto infrared thermometer

Main Features

1. Non contact, no need to hold, avoid cross infection.
2. New chip is adopted, the sensing time is faster (0.1s); the passing rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people / min).
3. High temperature measurement accuracy, accuracy tolerance: ± 0.2 (34 ~ 45 ℃)
4. It has detection failure light prompt and abnormal temperature light prompt early warning.
5. It can be powered by USB adapter ,or 4*AA Batteries
6. High definition display, 5 meters visual distance.
7. Intelligent infrared forehead thermometer, no need to hold, can hang / double-sided adhesive tape / bracket fixation, etc.
8. The price makes up for the price vacuum of hand-held frontal temperature gun and high-cost thermal imaging camera.
9. It can be used in different occasions. Office / subway / family / supermarket / store / community / entrance, etc.
10,Large Capacity: 1000mL Volume
11,Automatically Dispensing
12, Support Temperature Unit: ºC/ºF   
13,Support Alarm Temperature setting
14,Support extrusion volume setting
15,Support Spray Liquid
16,Support Volume Adjustment
17,There is a base and tray,support tripod,can place on desktop.

K3(Old Model),K3Pro(New Model) and K9(New Model)Comparison

ItemsK3(Old Model)K3 Pro(New Model)K9(New Model)K9 PRO(Upgraded)
Temperature SensorInfrared SensorPhotosensitive distance sensorHigh Sensitivity SensorHigh Sensitivity Sensor
Counter Range999times9999times--
Power SupplyUSB/18650 Li-BatteriesUSB/4pcs*AA BatteriesDC5V 1A USB(USB power adapter or Power Bank)DC5V 1A USB(USB power adapter or Power Bank),Or 4*AA Batteries
Data RecordNeed to Connect to Computer30sets, no need to connect to PC--
Outdoor temperature measurementNot SupportSupportNot Support
Not Support
DisplayDigtal Display2.8inch LCD ScreenDigital DisplayDigital Display
I/O Signal OutputNot supportSupport,Switch, Pulse signalNot supportNot support
Alarm Temperature settingNot SupportSupportNot SupportSupport
Ultra low power standbyNot SupportSupportSmart Power Saving&Auto Wake UpSmart Power Saving&Auto Wake Up
Backlight Setting
Not SupportSupportNot supportNot support
Volume adjustmentNot SupportSupportNot SupportSupport
Mounting Type
Alarm SoundBleeping"DIDIDI"Bleeping"DIDIDI"Bleeping"DIDIDI"Bleeping"DIDIDI"

Combined with Soap DispenserCombined with Soap Dispenser

Volume: 1000mL
Volume: 1000mL

Auto DispensingAuto Dispensing

Liquid Type: Hand SanitizerLiquid Type: Hand Sanitizer


Product Name

Auto Intelligent Sensor Soap Dispenser

Measure Range

34ºC to 45ºC(±0.2ºC)

Measuring Method



Accuracy: ±0.2℃( 34~45℃, put it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use)



Response Time


Standby Time

5s for non-working, dynamic loop with white light

Measure Distance



Non-working time 5S standby, red dot dynamic cycle


Digital Display

Power Supply

USB Type-C Port DC 5V  1000mA, Or 4*AA Batteries

Bottle Capacity


Mounting Type

Hanging Type, or Tripod Fixed,Desktop



Fever Automatic Sound Alarm

Flashing+"Di Di" Sound Alarm

Alarm Temperature SettingSupport
Volume adjustmentSupport
Extrusion Volume Setting
Spray LiquidSupport





Storage Temperature

-20ºC-55ºC,Humidity:  ≤85%

Working Temperature

10ºC-40ºC(15℃~35℃ Recommended),Humidity:  ≤85%

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