MEWOI-CW2800 Industrial Central temperature meter

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  • Model No.:: MEWOI-CW2800
  • Name:: MEWOI-CW2800 Industrial Central temperature meter

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Main Features

1.ON/OFF---Press [ON/OFF] button to switch unit on or off.
2.℃/F CAL---Press once you can change the desired temperature unit , press this button and hold 3s then you can go in o the calibration ,refer to the calibration procedures.
3. Min/Max---Minimum and maximum temperature value memories.

4.Product Sizes---Different probe lengthA: A=75mm/95mm/120mm/150mm/200mm/300/500mm/610mm/800mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm



Measuring Range-58℉ to 626℉/-50℃ to 330℃
Accuracy±0.5℃(-10℃ to 100℃ ),Otherwise ±0.5℃
Resolution0.1℉( 0.1℃ )
Display Size 0.79"×0.39"(200mm×10mm)
Display Update 1 seconds
Probe diameterΦ4mm
Tip diameterΦ2.6mm
BatteryCR 2032 3V Button
Waterproof Rating
BodyABS material
ProbeSS304 material

How to set up the Auto-off ?

  1. Open the battery

  2. Pull the switch to on position---80 minutes auto-off.

    Pull the switch to 1 position---No auto-off.

    MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

Replace the battery:

Take out the battery door use the coin, open the door and take off the battery with a pin, Replace the battery then, Close the battery door finally.

Note the positive of the battery is facing up the negative is facing down.

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

Calibration procedures

1. Making a proper ice bath is all about keeping a proper ice-water ratio. Fill the vessel all the way to the top with ice, 2/3 Ice              Crushed ice is preferred because there are fewer gaps between the ice. However 1/3 Water cubed ice will also work fine.

2. Slowly add cold water to fill the spaces between the ice, Fill to about 1/3 below the top of the ice, let the mixture sit for minute   or two to allow the temperature of the water to settle. If you see the ice starting to float off the bottom of the vessel, pour off some water and add more ice.

3. Once the mixtures has rested for a minute or two. Insert your thermometer probe, Place 2/3 Ice probe tip in center of cup making sure tip is fully submerged but not in contact with the 1/3 Water cup surface, stir for a minimum of 5 seconds.

4. Keep probe tip completely submerged, press and hold “C/F CAL" button for 3 seconds until“CAL" appears on the LCD display, Then release.

5.  Calibration is complete when display automatically returns to normal operation mode.     

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

MEWOI OEM/ODM  Instruments Manufacturer

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