MEWOI-Z9(AC220V/DC12V) Magnetic particle flaw detector,magnetic powder flaw detector

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  • Main Features:: Portable Fault localization equipment
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-Z9(AC220V/DC12V)
  • Name:: MEWOI-Z9(AC220V/DC12V) Magnetic particle flaw detector,magnetic powder flaw detector
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MEWOI-Z9 magnetic particle flaw detector is a portable magnetic particle flaw detection equipment which uses magnetic yoke to magnetize workpieces made of ferromagnetic materials. It can magnetize various parts. It is suitable for oil fields, shipbuilding, internal combustion engine parts, coal mines, machinery, standard parts, oil pump nozzles, aircraft manufacturing, automobile parts, bridge building, chemical industry, boiler pressure vessels, railway and other industrial products due to forging pressure and quenching. Surface and near surface defects caused by welding and fatigue, such as chain rod, crankshaft, bearing, high strength bolts, springs, forgings, petrochemical pipe fittings, valves, blades, gears, rolls, anchor chains and welds, etc.

MEWOI-Z9 Series of miniature magnetic particle detector have AC, DC, AC and DC dual-purpose magnetic particle detector. DC power supply is rechargeable battery. It is suitable for field operation without power supply and field operation of containers, bridges and pipelines which can not be accessed by high voltage. The continuous working time of one charge can be more than 6 hours. AC power supply is directly input by ~220V power supply without other instruments. It is easy to operate, simple, light and portable. Therefore, the instrument has been widely used.


1, Portable integral design
2,Utilizing the advantages of its counterparts at home and abroad, better performace.
3,Magnetization by additional magnetic field renders the detector small in size and light in weight. 
4,Highly integrated circuit makes one device perform all the functions of several ones.


Model NoMEWOI-Z9(AC220V/DC12V Power Supply)
Electrode spacing0-210mm
Maximum current2.8A

Power source

DC12V ,AC 220V  ±10% 50HZ  5A
Working gap time2minutes on/2minutes off
Lifting powerDC: >22kg, AC: >5.5kg
Fault detection speed ≥6 m/ m
Temperature rise of probe-10~40℃
Operating beatIt is suggested that in continuous long-time operation magnetization time ≤3 s and off time≥5 s
Weight of the detector2.3kg

Principles and Precautions

1,Charging(charger and Battery for MEWOI-Z9(12V/220V) and MEWOI-Z9(12V) Only)

Connect the 220V power supply to the charger and connect the charger with the plug of the battery box. When charging, the charger's light emitting diode emits a red light, indicating that the battery is in a "fast charging" state. When the light emitting tube turns to green light, the battery reaches more than 14 volts. If the battery is charged if it is not consumed much, it may be charged from red to green for a period of time, in a "slow charging" state. The battery is charged with slow charging charger, but the total charging time should not exceed 15 hours.


Battery is the power supply for the probe. After starting work, due to the continuous discharge of the battery, when the voltage is under, the lifting force decreases obviously (after 6 hours), so the battery needs to be charged.

3,Flaw Detection

(A) DC Flaw Detection(For MEWOI-Z9(12V/220V) and MEWOI-Z9(12V) Only)

1,Connect the plug of the probe wire to the battery plug. At this time, the red light on the probe wire plug is on, and the battery supplies power to the probe.
2,During flaw detection, the probe joint surface should be placed on the workpiece to maintain good contact.
3,Press the probe switch and spray magnetic powder or suspension in o the area under test for 2-3 seconds.
4,Loosen the probe switch, remove the probe and observe the workpiece.
5,The probe moves to another inspection area and repeats 3 or 4 tasks.

(B) AC Flaw Detection(For MEWOI-Z9(12V/220V) and MEWOI-Z9(220V) Only)

1, Insert the power input plug in o the socket with grounding wires to ensure good contact between the grounding wires.
2,When testing, refer to 3, 4 and 5 DC flaws.


1,When charging the charger, the charging time should not exceed 15 hours each time. After charging, the charger plug and battery plug should be removed to avoid power backflow.
2,When the battery is under-voltage, charge it as soon as possible to protect the battery from having good storage performance.
3,When the instrument is not in use for a long time, the battery should be charged every 2-3 months, so as not to affect the service life and continuous working time of the battery when the battery is powered up.
4,When the probe is working, the power-on time is generally 2-3 seconds, the longest time is not more than 5 seconds, and the interval time is 3-5 seconds.
5,When using water agent in magnetic suspension, appropriate antirust agent should be added.
6,Before the probe is used, proper amount of oil is added to the movable joint to lubricate it. After use, the water, oil and magnetic powder on the probe and the movable joint should be wiped off and coated with anti-rust oil.
7,When AC flaw detection is used, the inserted power supply must be in accordance with the specified power supply of the instrument and have a good grounding.
8,When in use, the movement of probe should be carried out under the loosening of probe switch, so as to avoid the heat of instrument caused by open circuit operation.
9,If the flaw detector works with electricity for a long time and has obvious heating condition, it should rest properly before putting it in o use.
10,Don't use it blindly. Don't approach high temperature and humidity. Do not work in the rain. Spray the magnetic suspension on the switch or plug seat.


Model No.Power SupplyElectrode spacingMaximum currentWorking CurrentBatteryLifting power



AC 220V/50Hz 0-210mm2.8AAC1.5A---AC: >5.5kg



DC 12V0-210mm2.8ADC2.0ADC:>22kg



AC 220V/50Hz

DC 12V 




AC: >5.5kg


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