MEWOI-HTX2 Blackbody Radiation Source,Infrared imaging thermometer calibration,thermal imaging camera calibration

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  • Model No.:: MEWOI-HTX2
  • Name:: MEWOI Blackbody radiation source
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MEWOI-HTX2 Blackbody Radiation Source,Infrared imaging thermometer calibration,thermal imaging camera calibration


Product Overview: Main technical indicators of blackbody: emissivity, cavity diameter, temperature uniformity and radiation temperature uncertainty. Therefore, in order to ensure the product quality of the boldface, the boldface is usually designed according to the temperature section. What we usually call a black body is an artificial black body. The emittance of an artificial black body is close to 1, but not equal to 1.

Blackbody in industry is mainly used in the field of temperature measurement; the most important product is blackbody furnace. For the calibration and verification of radiation thermometers, the method of comparison is usually adopted, that is, through the radiation source with high stability (usually blackbody radiation source) and other supporting equipment, the temperature reproduced by the standard device is compared with the temperature reproduced by the radiation thermometer to judge whether it is qualified or give the calibration result.

As a standard radiation source, standard blackbody is mainly used to calibrate radiation thermometers, infrared thermometers and radiation temperature sensing detectors. At present, our company has the most advanced blackbody technology in the world, the blackbody series with the most complete product category and the widest temperature range. The product is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. It is not only suitable for laboratory calibration of radiation thermometers of all levels of measurement institutions, but also suitable for on-site calibration.


The definition of blackbody

An object capable of absorbing all the radiant energy from the outside and radiating all its own energy at the same time.

Main Features

1,Small size, the whole machine is only 2kg, convenient for field erection.
2,The temperature control adopts advanced PID control, and the temperature control is stable and high.
3,The heating speed is fast, and the stabilization time is short.
4,Easy Operation


Temperature range(indoor temperature≤22℃)+35℃--45℃
Control ModePID Automatic Control
AccuracyLess than ±0.1℃
Temperature stability±(0.1~0.2)℃/10min
Temperature uniformity±0.2℃(2/3 inside the center area)
Power Supply220V AC
Source Area Size78mm*78mm
Weight 2KG
Working Condition0℃-30℃  ≤60%RH


1,This device is only used for thermal imaging to test human body temperature, not directly used for forehead temperature gun, ear temperature gun.
2,It is forbidden to touch the surface of the source with hands or wipe it with cloth articles, and the surface can be gently wiped with a soft brush.

Selection Guide

Model No.Emissvity

Temperature range

(indoor temperature≤22℃)

AccuracyTemperature stabilityTemperature uniformitySource Area



0.97±0.02+5℃--50℃Less than ±0.1℃±0.05℃/1hour
Less than ±0.2C°70mm*70mm



0.97±0.02+35℃--45℃Less than ±0.1℃±(0.1~0.2)℃/10min±0.2℃78mm*78mm

MEWOI-EZ669-blackbody radiation source.80.jpg


≥0.99+35℃--50℃Less than ±0.1℃±0.1℃/30min±0.1C°56mm*50mm



≥0.99+35℃--45℃Less than ±0.1℃±(0.1-0.2)℃/10minutesLess than ±0.15C°50mm*50mm



≥0.95+5℃--50℃Less than ±0.15℃±0.1℃/20minutesLess than ±0.15C°50mm*50mm

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