MEWOI-VK3288PTN Rotation:Pan 360°,Tilt 180°,High Definition Pipe Endoscope/Pipe Camera/Pipe Inspection System

OEM/ODM Testing Instruments

  • Main Features:: Rotation:Pan 360°,Tilt 180°
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-VK3288PTN
  • Name:: MEWOI-VK3288PTN Pipe Endoscope

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MEWOI-VK3288PTN Rotation:Pan 360°,Tilt 180°,High Definition Pipe Endoscope/Pipe Camera/Pipe Inspection System


MEWOI-VK3288PTN.360.jpg1. 360 degree rotation camera head, Pan 360°,Tilt 180°
2. 1/3 CMOS,1.3MP pilex HD camera head, waterproof up to 10 bars
3. 10 inch IPS lcd screen, 1280*720 resolution
4. DVR control box with audio ,video recording and photography function
5.Dia.9mm 60m fiberglass copper axis cable , it can make good cameraimage for long cable .
6. USB bluetooth keyboard to typewrite the words
7. Camera video resolution is 720P
8. Built in 8800mA li-ion battery inside ,support uint working more than 6hours
9. Digital meter counter function, error is less than 1%



1,Camera size Ø50mm x 154mm, sensor 1/3" CMOS ,1.3MP pixel
2,Waterproof IP68 up to 10 bar
3,View range 120°
4,Rotation: Pan 360°, Tilt 180°
5,lens position automatic reset
6,Slip coupling for rotation axle
7,6pcs high light LED lighting adjustable
8,Detachable with pins type connection to Cable Reel
9,Lens window sapphire glass


HD DVR Control Host

1,10"HD IPS LCD Screen, 1280X720 resolution
2,PT camera Joystick
3,AHD DVR SYSTEM with recording 720P video, auido andphotography function
4,USB bluetooth Keyboard real time typewriting
5,Video input jack 3 options(CAM1,CAM2_PT and Video IN)
6,Digital meter counter function, display on the screen
7,8800mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
8,Battery level indicator


Cable Reel

1,Fiberglass push rod cable
2,Cable diameter ø9mm
3,Cable length from 60m to 150m optional
4,Reel size 70 x 28 x 84cm


Standard Camera Skids

1,Big skids: Φ220mm
2, Small skids: Φ85mm


Optional Camera Skids

1,Material: Stainless steel
2,Six wheels on this skids
3,Min Diameter is 200mm
4,Max Diameter is 500mm
Video Switch Knob

1,CAM 1 :Ф16mm/Ф23mm/Ф29mm Camera head 4 core Signal input,

2,CAM 2: Pan/tilt camera head 5 core Signal input

3,Video for BNC or RCA video input

On/off switch knob

1,Charge:indicating charging statu

2,sOFF:Turn off the control kit power

3,ON: Turn on the control kit power

Battery/Charge buttonSwitch battery/Charge
Camera LED DimmerAjustable camera LED brightness
Microphone OperationPress down the button, the microphone is working
PT Joystick ControlControl camera Pan Tilt rotation
KeyboardUSB bluetooth keyboard
USB portConnect with USB flash Disk

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