MEWOI-KTR20 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Meter

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  • Main Features:: Simultaneous measurement of air temperature, natural wet bulb temperature, radiation temperature and relative humidity
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-KTR20
  • Name:: MEWOI-KTR20 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Meter

MEWOI-KTR20 WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Meter

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WBGT is composed of black ball, natural wet ball and dry ball. It takes air temperature, wind speed, air humidity and radiation heat in o account.
ped high-precision thermal index measuring instruments of MEWOI, which can simultaneously test air temperature, self-wetting bulb temperature and radiation temperature. This tester uses the most advanced digital temperature sensor as the temperature acquisition terminal. It is equipped with the standard of 50mm and 150mm radiation black sphere developed by our company. It fully meets the ISO, relevant national standards and can pass the verification of the National Institute of Metrology.


1.The split design between sensor group and the fuselage are easy to replace the sensor group.

2.Internal relative humidity sensor for real-time measurement of relative humidity of air

3.LCD display with backlight is easy for users to read.

4.Solid integrated fuselage has a certain function of dustproof, waterproof and anti-falling.

5.3 scalable sensor channels for fast gradient measurement.

6.Replaceable 50mm and 150mm black spheres are suitable for many occasions.

7.The user can calibrate the sensor automatically by using the calibration device.


Model No.MEWOI-KTR20
Air temperature sensorMeasuring range: 10-60℃, accuracy:0.5℃(0.2℃@10℃~40℃), resolution: 0.1℃(PT1000),use international advanced digital temperature sensor
Black ball temperature sensorMeasuring range: 20~120℃, accuracy:±0.5℃(20℃~40℃),±0.2℃@50℃~120℃), resolution: 0.1℃(PT1000), Black ball diameter: 150mm
Wet bulb temperature sensorType: Cylindrical shape,Outer diameter of probe:6±1mm,Minimum length of probe:30±5mm,Range: 5-60℃, accuracy:±0.5℃, resolution:0.1℃
The probe should be wrapped with highly absorbent materials, such as cotton gauze. The gauze should be in the shape of a sleeve. The size of the gauze should be set on the probe. Too tight or too loose will affect the reading of the probe. The gauze should be kept clean and tidy. The lower end of the gauze should be hanging in a water tank. The free length of the gauze in the air is 20-30 mm. It should be able to prevent the rise of water temperature caused by radiation heat.
Instrument storageSD memory card(4000sets Data)
Display2.8 inch LCD screen
Storage intervalAdjustable 1~255 minutes
Standard of executionGBZT189.7-2007、GBT 934-2008  IS0 7243-2017 ACGIH EPRI OSHA
Black ball diameter (mm)50mm or 150mm optional
Power supply / battery4 section AA grade alkaline battery or rechargeable battery
Intrinsically safe authenticationUn-intrinsically safety
Appearance size (mm)210x65X270mm
Weight (g)About 800g (host)
Sensor expansion (gradient)Scalable three gradient measurement (three sets of WBGT sensor group simultaneous measurement)
Sensor extension10~30m
Data outputAnalog output
On-lineShort term online monitoring

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