MEWOI3800X large diameter grounding resistance online detector

Online Earth Resistance tester, Equipped with RS485 (support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol) optional GPRS communication Power supply: 6VDC~12VDC, 50mA Max. (external power supply) Sensor diameter: 130mm×20mm Sensor size: 76mm×60mm×38mm Resistance range: 0.01Ω~10Ω Resolution: 0.001Ω Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

  • Model No.:: MEWOI3800X
  • Name:: MEWOI3800X large diameter grounding resistance online detector
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MEWOI3800 non-contact grounding resistance online tester is specially designed and manufactured for online monitoring of the connection status of grounding down conductors, loop grounding resistance, and metal loop connection resistance. On-line test, non-contact measurement, grounding wire through the heart, no need for self-test, real-time detection. Provide RS485 (support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol). The detector is composed of sensors and circuit board modules, which is suitable for secondary development and integration by users. It is suitable for grounding of transmission line towers; underground mine equipment grounding; meteorological lightning protection grounding; petrochemical grounding; communication grounding; substation grounding; railway facilities grounding; building warehouse grounding; It can also be used for anti-theft monitoring of grounding wires and metal cables.

       MEWOI3800X is a split-type large-diameter sensor, which is suitable for 130mm wide flat steel ground wire. It is convenient and quick to install without disconnecting the grounding down-conductor.

       MEWOI3800 non-contact grounding resistance online detector can be installed and used individually, or can be used as a wired network system or a wireless network system.


POWER indicator light

Working power indicator, it will be displayed when the power is turned on

ALARM indicator

Alarm indicator light, flashes when the tested value is greater than the set critical value

SET key

enter settings

up and down arrow keys

After pressing the SET key to enter the alarm setting, press the up and down arrow keys to change the size of the number


After the alarm threshold is set, press ENTER to save

Technical Parameter


Loop grounding resistance online monitoring, metal loop connection resistance online monitoring, grounding status monitoring; grounding wire, metal cable anti-theft monitoring

power supply

6VDC~12VDC, 50mA Max. (external power supply)

Resistance range





±2%rdg±3dgt (20℃±5℃, below 70%RH)

communication method

RS485 (support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol), optional GPRS communication

LCD size


PCB size


sensor size


Sensor caliber


sensor quality

About 1762g; total mass: about 1950g (including accessories)

PCB interface

J1: signal output, power input interface

J2: Sensor and PCB connection port

J1 logo

P+: power input positive

P-: power input ground

GND: signal ground, short circuit with power input ground (P-)

R+: signal output positive

R-: signal output negative

J2 logo

I+, I- current coil interface

U+, U- voltage coil interface

GND: common ground


1 piece, 0.5m long (5 cores)

signal line

1 piece, 1 meter long (5 cores)

Connecting line identification

Red --- power input is positive;

Black --- power input ground; (power input ground and shield ground can be short-circuited)

Green --- RS485 signal is positive;

Yellow-green --- RS485 signal negative;

White --- shielding ground;

Working temperature and humidity


overflow indication

When the displayed value is greater than 100Ω, the communication sends the "OLΩ" command

shift gear

fully automatic shift

Ground interference current

should be avoided

external magnetic field


external electric field


single measurement time

about 0.5 seconds

Working current

50mA Max.


The ground wire passes through the center hole of the sensor

installation requirements

The circuit board needs to be placed in another protective box

Network Structure

  • Wired Network System (Self -Development Software)

Wired network system through RS485 communication protocol to transmit data, build up by the detector, 【communicator, monitoring software, power adapter, computer (above equipment need the user provide and secondary development) 】and so on, suitable for short-distance 1500 meters grounding resistance monitoring.

  • Wireless Network System (Self -Development Software)

Wireless network system through GPRS communication protocol to transmit data ,build up by the detector(built-in GPRS transceiver module), 【SIM communication card, monitoring software, power adapter, computer(above equipment need the user provide and secondary development)】 and other components for long-distance ground resistance monitoring., distance is not limited.

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