MEWOI168AD Clamp AC/DC Current Transformer

Detection of AC and DC current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor, etc.

  • Main Features:: Range: AC/DC 0.0A~1500A Resolution: 0.1A Accuracy class: 3.0 Output signal: 1mV/1A Safety level: CATⅢ600V CT structure: clamp CT size: Φ68mm
  • Model No.:: MEWOI168AD
  • Name:: MEWOI168AD Clamp AC/DC Current Transformer
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Product Introduction

MEWOI168AD clamp AC/DC current sensor is suitable for detection of AC/DC current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor, etc. Hall sensor technology, portable clamp design, no need to disconnect the measured line, non-contact measurement, clamp head iron core is made of special alloy, especially suitable for places with dense wiring (power metering system, high-speed rail system, automotive circuit maintenance, etc. ).

        MEWOI168AD clamp-on AC/DC current sensor can be connected to phase detection analyzers, industrial control devices, data recorders, oscilloscopes, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, high-precision digital multimeters, etc. Widely used in electric power, communications, meteorology, railways, oil fields, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. The range, output signal and output interface of the transformer can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical parameter

1. Range and accuracy

RangeresolutionAccuracy class
0.0A~1500A AC/DC0.1A3

2. Other parameters

power supply  9VDC 6F22
CT size  Φ68mm
Range  0.0A1500A AC/DC
output signal  1mV/1A
Resolution  AC/DC 0.1A
Accuracy class  3.0
phase error  ≤3°
output method  Sense current output
Output Interface  BNC plug/4.0mm dual banana plug/3.5mm audio plug (optional), cable length 1.5m
Clearing method  ZERO adjustment reset
working frequency  DC400Hz
Security Level  CATⅢ600V
Operating temperature  -15°C50°C
Dielectric strength  AC 3700V/rms (between core and case)
Clamp quality  515g
physical dimension  Length x width height: 224mm x 115mm x 43mm

Model Comparison

modelRangeresolutionAccuracy classoutput signalpower supplyJaw sizequality



1mA310mV/1A or 100mV/1A (manual shift)9VDC 6F22Φ7mm170g



0.1A21mV/1A9VDC 6F2225mm×35mm180g



0.1A31mV/1A9VDC 6F22Φ68mm515g

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