MEWOI-JY104L Very low sound level meter 20dB-120dB


MEWOI-JY104L(Low Sound Level 20dB-120dB)


Class 2/Type 2

Measured evaluation data:

Measured evaluation quantity: LP (time-weighted sound level), Lmax (maximum time-weighted sound level)


Microphone: HY205 type 2 engineering measurement microphone, nominal diameter 12.7 mm, free field frequency response. The nominal sound pressure sensitivity is 8mV/Pa (the nominal sound pressure sensitivity level is -42dB, and the reference value is 1 V).

Frequency range:

20 Hz16 kHz.

Frequency weighting:

A weighting, C weighting.

Time weighting:

F (fast response).

Measuring Range

A sound level: 20 dB120 dB; C sound level: 30 dB120 dB, divided in o three levels:

Low gear: 20 dB80 dB; Middle gear: 40 dB100 dB; High gear: 60 dB120 dB, hand selected.


128×64 dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), resolution 0.1dB, with signs of overload, under-range, low battery voltage, etc.

Analog Output

Analog output: The output jack is a 3.5 mm dual-channel headphone jack, and the minimum load impedance is 10 kΩ.

——DC logarithmic voltage: The output voltage is related to the logarithm of the measured sound pressure, and the output voltage is related to the level range. The unit sound pressure output voltage is 30 mV/dB. The range of each level is +300 mV-1500 mV, and the upper and lower boundaries of each level range are respectively -1500 mV and +300 mV.

——AC linear voltage: The output voltage is linearly related to the measured sound pressure, and the output voltage corresponding to the upper boundary of the level range is

0.5 V.

Power Supply

2 6F22 type 9 V laminated batteries, which can work continuously for 10 hours under reference environmental conditions.


length × width × thickness 256 mm × 74 mm × 25 mm.



Operating temperature range:




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