MEWOI4700C 0.0001Ω~300.0Ω(≥2A)Equipotential&DC low resistance tester/Contact resistance tester

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  • Main Features:: 1,Equipotential bonding resistance Test,2,low value resistance test, 3,DC resistance test
  • Model No.:: MEWOI4700C
  • Name:: MEWOI4700C Equipotential&DC low resistance tester


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MEWOI4700, MEWOI4700C intelligent Equipotential&DC Resistance Tester, also known as DC low resistance tester, DC resistance tester, Ohm meter, micro resistance meter,contact resistance tester etc., adopting four line precision test method, accurate and reliable. It is a special instrument for measuring the quality of equipotential bonding between the metal components of a building (lightning belt, ground beam, structure, protection, floor reinforcement, water pipe, radiator, toilet, door and window, balcony, kitchen and other objects). It can also measure the resistance of the connecting conductors between various electrical equipment and ground grid, It can also measure the contact resistance of circuit breakers, switches and sockets, and various coil resistors, shunt resistors, metal riveting resistors of vehicle and ship aircraft, resistance of welding joints, battery parallel connection resistance, distributor busbar and wire contact resistance, etc. It is widely used in building quality inspection station, supervision company, construction unit, lightning protection company, electric power department, ship locomotive factory, etc.

The instrument also has alarm function, clock function, can test wire length, first measure the wire resistance of a standard length, test the resistance of the whole wire, and calculate the length of the wire through the resistance of the two times’ test. 

MEWOI4700, MEWOI4700C intelligent equipotential tester consists of host, monitoring software, test line, charger, USB communication line and so on. The host has super LCD display, with backlight and bar chart instructions, can store 400 sets data. The monitoring software has the functions of reading, accessing, saving, reporting and printing historical data.



Test of equipotential bonding resistance between functional metal components, low value resistance test, DC resistance test, resistance test of connecting conductor in ground network ground pole, contact resistance, riveting resistance test, wire length test, etc.

Power Supply

DC 7.4V 2.6Ah rechargeable battery, the full charged battery is about 8.4V.

Working Current

When the battery is full, the maximum current measured is 4A

Test Method

Four wires precision method, 2 Road A/D simultaneous detection

Measurement Range



Wire Length Test


Standard Wire Length

Standard wire length setting range: 1m ~ 30m

Test Interface

C1 current positive, C2 current negative, P1 voltage positive and P2 voltage negative.

Measurement time

2 seconds / times

Data Storage

400sets(Power off or battery replacement will not lose data)

Alarm Setting

Alarm threshold setting range: 1-30ohm, 00 ohm does not start alarm function; each boot does not activate alarm function.


When the alarm indicates that the test value exceeds the alarm setting value, the "Du-Du-Du-Du" alarm prompts.

Testing Indication

Blue TESTING lights flicking during test

Charging Indication

When charging, the indicator on the charger is bright red, when full turns to bright green.

Data Hold

Data is hold automatically after each test.

Test Wires

2 red and 2 black wires, each 5m


Controllable gray-white screen backlight, suitable for dark place usage.


128mm×75mm LCD Display

Host Dimension




Line Voltage

Should avoid line live measurement

Overflow display

Overflow function: "OL" symbol display

Low voltage indication

when the battery voltage drops to 6.8V + 0.1V, the low battery voltage symbol is displayed to remind the battery to charge in time.

Working Temperature & Humidity

-10℃-40℃, below 80%rh

Storage temperature & humidity

-10℃-60℃, below 70%rh

Charging Port


USB Port

With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can upload computers, save and print.

Withstanding Voltage

AC 3700V/rms (Between the shell and the screw)

Protection Type

IEC61010-1 (CAT Ⅲ 600V、Pollution 2), JJG724-1991, I JJG166-1993, DL/T967-2005 etc



Current Range

Range of Resistance (Ω)


MEWOI4700MEWOI-clamp meter|earth ground resistance tester|pinza|接地电阻|curent sensor probe|电流传感器




MEWOI4700CMEWOI-clamp meter|earth ground resistance tester|pinza|接地电阻|curent sensor probe|电流传感器




MEWOI4600MEWOI-clamp meter|earth ground resistance tester|pinza|接地电阻|curent sensor probe|电流传感器≥1A0.0010Ω~40.00Ω0.0001Ω
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