MEWOI-DXW110-customized10-36 kV Overhead Live Line Indicator

10-36 kV Overhead Live Line Indicator

  • Main Features:: 10-36 kV (customized)
  • Model No.:: MEWOI-DXW110
  • Name:: MEWOI-DXW110 Overhead Live Line Indicator
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MEWOI-DXW110-customized 10-36 kV Overhead Live Line Indicator


The outdoor line type high-voltage live indicator is directly installed on indoor and outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment Strong flashing safety device indicating whether the high-voltage electrical equipment has operating voltage. When the high-voltage equipment has operating voltage, the display window of the display will flash strongly to warn people that the high-voltage equipment is live. No indication when there is no power. The display adopts the principle of electrostatic induction. Under the action of the electric field around the high-voltage equipment, the electric field can achieve the purpose of strong flash display of high-voltage electrification. Its appearance has solved the problem of "electric invisibility" for many years. It can effectively prevent high-voltage electric shock accidents and equipment short circuit damage accidents caused by people's ignorance of equipment electrification. In particular, it can play an obvious warning role in preventing the electrified hanging of ground wire on the line side, electrified closing of grounding switch and preventing personnel from touching electrified equipment by mistake, and make up for the defects of anti misoperation locking device.


1. Applicable voltage: 10-36 kV (customized);

2. Operating frequency: 50Hz~60Hz;

3. Long term working temperature: - 25 ℃~ 85 ;

4. Altitude: 3000m and below;

5. Display mode: high brightness and strong flash;

6. Flash rate: 20~60 times/Min;

7. Design life: more than 10 years;

8. Display definition: clear and legible within 10m;

9. Resistance to out of phase interference: three-phase display is normal when the system is in normal operation; When the system operates without phase, the live phase displays normally; No electric phase not display;

10. Applicable line type: bare conductor.

Installation Site

1. It is installed in the accessories of all grounding wire (grounding knife switch) points of outdoor high-voltage equipment, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electrified grounding wire hanging accidents;

2. Installed on the outdoor live parts of equipment prone to accidental electric shock;

3. Installed near high-voltage incoming and outgoing lines as high-voltage live monitoring;

4. High voltage live monitoring of test booster;

5. Segment parent adjacent point.

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