MEWOI Electronics Co.,ltd is a high-tech testing meters and measurement instruments enterprise in China. Established since 2008, with 6000 square meters production base and over 100 employees. Specialized on development and manufacturing of testing instruments.

The main products include: Clamp On Earth Ground Resistance Tester Clamp Meter, Earth Resistance On-line Tester,Phase Detector,High Accuracy Clamp Leaker, Super-large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter, Large Caliber Three Phase Power Tester,H/L Voltage Clamp Meter,Double Clamp /Three Phase Digital Phase Meter,Wireless High Voltage Current Transformation Ratio Tester, Current meter,and Clamp Current Sensor,AC/DC Clamp Meter etc.

These instruments are widely used in Electricity&Power Industry, Lightning Protection,telecommunications, military, petroleum, meteorological, rail industrial and mining areas.

We adopted the highest standard of inspection and testing instruments in the world to assure  our products to be safest, precise and durable.

All devices are designed and manufactured by our company and have its own name – MEWOI. we are guided first and foremost the wishes of our customers regarding the accuracy, functionality, ergonomics and performance of new devices. That’s why use of devices MEWOI very easy and convenient. Taking into account the wishes of our customers, we certainly take into account the fact that the cost of the device should be minimal, with the maximum possible set of service and operational advantage.

MEWOI is committed to provide you with quality products and professional technical service. We welcome any questions you have about our products or any comments you wish to make. To do so, please send us an email or fill in the Inquiry form and a MEWOI representative will contact you.
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